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Focus: Portfolio, Program and Project Management Using COBIT 5, Part 3

This is the continuation of a series of articles published in COBIT Focus beginning in September 2017. The first article[i]discussed the approach for mapping COBIT® 5 with the Project Management Institute (PMI’s) standards and publication A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge(PMBOK Guide). The second article discussed the differences between PMI standards and COBIT 5 at a high level.[ii]

PMI published the standards shown in figure 1 that have been adopted by manyorganizations. Each of these publications has identified and defined processesfor implementing these standards. Each standard has a different number ofprocesses, as shown in the second column of figure 1.

Figure 1—PMI Publications

Name of Publication

Process Groups

Number of Processes

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge 5th Edition



The Standard for Program Management 3rd Edition



The Standard for Portfolio Management 3rd Edition




This article provides a mapping of the portfoliomanagement standards with the COBIT 5 processes. The approach shown in figure 2 was developed to map the PMIstandards with COBIT 5 processes.

PMI has revised the publications noted with a fourth edition, updating portfolio[iii]and program management.[iv] A sixth edition of PMBOK[v] was published in September 2017. However, since this mapping was undertaken prior to these publications, the standards listed in figure 1 are described herein. The changes in new editions shall be discussed subsequently.

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