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Identity Management

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After of a month of discussion on the Mozilla Security Development Forum (!forum/, Chrome is the first browser to take action over Symantec questionable SSL issuance practices. The fallout could...
Kenneth687 | 5/4/2017 1:11:42 PM | COMMENTS(1)
NIST released a Small Business Guide to Information Security which is interesting has anyone seen it? It is written as an interagency report which is a best practices style document. It's writte...
Kenneth687 | 3/20/2017 2:27:04 PM | COMMENTS(2)
Curious from the group, what technical skill sets are important to an identity management professional? I can't find anything specific, but two good sources popped up. The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) National Initiative for Cy...
Kenneth687 | 3/1/2017 1:57:44 PM | COMMENTS(5)
Afternoon everyone, This is a cross post from a couple different Knowledge topics. I am doing some market research on how PKI is used in different sectors and organizations as well as which products. The best I can see from public research is SSH and publ...
Kenneth687 | 3/1/2017 1:53:15 PM | COMMENTS(5)
Google released a blog post today on a practical technique to generate a SHA1 collision in other words a practical attack against the SHA1 algorithm. If you are using SHA1 algorithms, might be a good time to migrate.
Kenneth687 | 3/1/2017 1:51:39 PM | COMMENTS(1)
The latest ISACA Journal (Volume 1, 2017) has another interesting article on Privileged Access Management (PAM) capability framework. Most of the latest breaches use some form of privilege or permission escalation to create a permanent foothold in corpora...
Kenneth687 | 2/23/2017 9:46:11 AM | COMMENTS(0)

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A good guide on how to tailor trust stores. This one is specific to trusting U.S. Government certificates, but could be used to tailor a PKI trust store for other root CAs.
Posted by Kenneth687 174 days ago
A primer on the U.S. Government PKI.
Posted by Kenneth687 174 days ago
The Identity Management audit/assurance review will provide management with an independent assessment relating to the effectiveness of identity management and its policies, procedures and governance activities.
Posted by Kenneth687 329 days ago
Posted by ISACA 814 days ago

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Volume 5, 2107
by Adeniyi Akanni, Ph. D., CISA, CRISC, ISO 27001 LA, ITIL
Using mobile devices to complete commercial transactions is a newer scientific advancement in the information and communication technology (ICT) sphere.
Volume 5, 2013
by Srikanth Thanjavur Ravindran
Effective governance along with automated role management, authentication, user profiling and integration are keys to establishing a holistic IAM solution.
Volume 6, 2011
by Harmeet Kaur, CEH
As today’s business climate demands greater efficiency, security and regulatory compliance, the need for an effective IAM process has never been more pressing.
Volume 5, 2011
by Rafael Etges, CISA, CRISC, CIPP/C, CISSP, and Anderson Ruysam, CRISC, CISSP, ITIL
What are the governance elements required to ensure the success of an IDM deployment in a complex enterprise environment? What is the bottom-line impact of having—or not having—these elements in place?
Volume 2, 2010
by S. Anantha Sayana, CISA, CISM, CIA
Volume 2, 2010
by Yin Pan, Ph.D., Bill Stackpole and Luther Troell, Ph.D.

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On March 1st,  I was invited to speak at the CampIT conference on Enterprise Risk/Security Management at Rosemont Convention Center. Before me there were two speakers. The first presenter spent an hour presenting the story from the trenches of technolog...
Posted By : appolloconsulting | 2 comments
Traditionally, each software application is developed to maintain and manage the identity and the related permission information within it. As more and more such applications gets deployed, user provisioning and managing access control could soon be a nig...
Posted By : Kannan | 0 comments