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Did any one can update me on the latest issued IFRS ?
ELSHAFIE | 10/19/2016 2:43:00 AM | COMMENTS(3)
Given  - that the recognition criteria for "software assets" to be recognised only when there is reasonable expectation of cash flows from the asset - the industry knowledge and experience of low success rate of software implementation what is a practical...
joolscpa | 3/9/2016 2:30:38 PM | COMMENTS(0)
Is it appropriate for an organisation that have adequate security over IT/IS information,to create provision for secutirty breach and loss of IT/IS information under the international accounting standard 37 (IAS 37) provisions  , contingent liabilities an...
Ali022 | 3/9/2016 2:25:52 PM | COMMENTS(3)

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International Financial Reporting Standards have been mandatory in the EU since 2005 and are rapidly being adopted by countries throughout the world.
Posted by ISACA 2207 days ago
Although converting to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is accounting-driven, organizations should realize very early on that it is a multi-faceted business change initiative that has potentially wide-reaching impacts across an organization, particularly regarding IT systems. While IFRS creates a need for new financial data, calculations and reporting, the IT systems and processes should also be reviewed, modified, reconfigured, or even new systems implemented. This paper is intended to provide a practical guide on how to resolve the major accounting issues usually encountered during an IFRS conversion project and how they can impact IT systems and processes. This paper is different from previous IFRS/IT papers due to its detailed description of the issues and their impact on IT.
Posted by Iwan A 2524 days ago

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Volume 3, 2011
by William C. Brown, CISA, CPA, and Byron J. Pike, CPA
The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is planning what could be among the largest changes in the history of American accounting.

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