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ISACA Ireland Needs YOU!

Hope you don't mind me posting in this groupabout this year's ISACA Ireland conference, which is focusing on placingbusiness first. 

Wewould like this conference to be as successful as last year's, which was trulyinternational with 24 speakers from 12 countries who shared their warstories.  

Thisyear's conference will be at Croke Park Conference Centre, Dublin, Ireland on 23rd October. 

Iam hoping that members in this group can help us source knowledgeable andpassionate speakers on any of the following topics: 

 -Information Systems Audit & Assurance
 - Cybersecurity
 - Risk Management
 - Privacy
 - Compliance / Governance
 - DevOps / AppSec 

Ifyou know anyone who fits this bill, please ask them to submit a speakerproposal via  Closing date for submissions is 30thJune 2015. 



PresidentISACA Ireland Chapter

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