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Information Security Management

Welcome to the Information Security Management topic!

Collaborate, contribute, consume and create knowledge around topics such as cloud computing, application security, vulnerability management, PCI, and data protection.

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Hello, I am working on a Cyber Security Awareness program for my company and I was looking for some suggestions, guidance, templates, etc. that anyone could provide. I want this to be an all year program that reiterates the areas covered in the annual cyb...
uvesed | 2/5/2016 4:09:41 PM | COMMENTS(8)
ISACA recently awarded the 30,000th CISM certification. Since its introduction in 2002, the CISM credential has become recognized and adopted worldwide as a symbol of excellence for information security professionals. Why did you decide to pursue the CISM...
Marc Vael | 1/27/2016 2:36:24 AM | COMMENTS(1)
Hi All, I'm going to start the first step as a head of information security, my current position in the information technology operations, but I have a little knowledge in the field of security, actually I am looking for your kind advices and recommendati...
Tarek EL-Sherif | 1/22/2016 5:52:21 PM | COMMENTS(7)
Hello, I am looking for documentation to support a recommendation that a user’s network account should be automatically disabled once a term date is input in the HR system. Are there any best practice or reference material that anyone can point me to? Lo...
Angela468 | 1/22/2016 3:43:19 AM | COMMENTS(5)
Does anyone have (or can point me to) a good set of generic use cases for security incident management? I appreciate there are some obvious examples (e.g., laptop theft, privileged access mis-use, confidential data leakage, etc.) and also that a number of...
Phil Green | 1/3/2016 5:06:50 AM | COMMENTS(0)
Hi All, I'm interested in what measures people are reporting upwards to demonstrate that the security program is on-track. That the expected business benefits are being delivered cost-effectively and that security risk is managed.Are you able to re-use ex...
Ross Peachey | 12/16/2015 10:04:49 AM | COMMENTS(2)

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Volume 1, 2016
by C. Warren Axelrod, Ph.D., CISM, CISSP
Information security professionals continue to struggle with acquiring and understanding the most relevant and useful data in order to anticipate threats, guard against attacks and determine forensically what happened after a hack occurs.
Volume 1, 2016
by Tolga Mataracioglu, CISA, CISM, COBIT Foundation, CCNA, CEH, ISO 27001 LA, BS 25999 LA, MCP, MCTS, VCP
The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards from the major card companies, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB.
Volume 1, 2016
by Martin Coe, DBA, CISA, CISM, CPA
Information security risk has dramatically evolved; however, security strategies that are typically compliance-based and perimeter-oriented have not kept pace.
Volume 1, 2016
by Kleuber Tormim, COBIT Foundation, Green IT, ISO 20000, ISO 27000, ITIL-Expert, Vitor Tormin Nishi, COBIT Foundation, ITIL-F, ISO 27002 and Mauricio Rocha Lyra, Ph.D., COBIT Foundation, CTFL, ISO 20000, ITIL, MCSO, OCUP, PMP, RUP
Information security is a primary concern that pervades all organizations and comprises confidentiality, integrity and availability.
Volume 6, 2015
by Jim Seaman, CISM, CRISC
The fantasy once associated with science fiction films is becoming increasingly similar to modern life.
Volume 6, 2015
by Doron Rotman, CIPP, Chris Kypreos, CIPP, and Sarah Pipes, CIPP
The Internet of Things (IoT) represents an unknown set of forces. However, one known is that IoT-connected devices will generate exponential levels of new data that will lead to powerful insights...

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jumping in with both feet, any advise or direction to prepare for June testing is welcome, thank you, Robert
Posted By : Robert125 | 1 comments
With the news that a new initiative into AI OpenAI has been created, I am eager to understand the effect on the Infosec community, if any. OpenAI is funded to the tune of $1 Billion with the statement :"Our goal is to advance digital intelligence in the w...
Posted By : Az_shah | 0 comments
The insider threat has been considered over the last years as the most serious security issue that organizations are actually facing. If scientific research has been focus so far on the way to protect company asse...
Posted By : Luckner739 | 0 comments
Yes! Here I like to share my story about how I start my journey to become CISA, that I heard firstly from my CEO Mr. Amien Sunaryadi CISA, He suggest that all the Internal Audit Staff and Manager in our company (SKK Migas) to get this certification. The...
Posted By : Fitra238 | 0 comments
Information Security Managers (ISMs) are task with providing security oversight in defending organisations data, systems and building Infrastructures it depends on for making profit, against threats, risks and vulnerabilities such as cyber attacks from th...
Posted By : Prince143 | 0 comments
I am currently recruiting for a Senior IT Auditor - Financial Services , to join the team in Paddington. If you’re a CISA qualified Auditor and keen to travel internationally, please click on the link below. NO AGENCIES
Posted By : Stephen913 | 0 comments