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Information Security Management

Welcome to the Information Security Management topic!

Collaborate, contribute, consume and create knowledge around topics such as cloud computing, application security, vulnerability management, PCI, and data protection.

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Dear all Please find  link for FlipBoard Magazine, created for CISOs by CISO. For best reading experience, use FlipBoard app regards Gupta
Gupta Boda | 8/18/2015 11:19:58 PM | COMMENTS(1)
FOr firms looking to integrate security controls into their product lifecycle, integration with the organization's quality control & assurance governance is key. What recommendation can our community SMEs provide to an organization to ensure security gove...
David Scott | 8/6/2015 9:17:26 AM | COMMENTS(2)
Hello guys, I've done a matrix example for SOC activities, i would share it with you and your advices/comments for improving it. For the moment, i use dropbox for sharing and contact information are in the document. Link:
Damien643 | 7/17/2015 8:27:48 AM | COMMENTS(8)
Last week, the popular password management software LastPass got hacked. (see link for news detail: will get hacked, just like any systems out there these days...
ShanShan | 7/2/2015 3:32:06 AM | COMMENTS(5)
Hope you don't mind me posting in this groupabout this year's ISACA Ireland conference, which is focusing on placingbusiness first. Wewould like this conference to be as successful as last year's, which was trulyinternational with 24 speakers from 12 coun...
Neil_Curran | 6/17/2015 5:42:08 AM | COMMENTS(1)
IRS got hacked and 100,000 records were exposed. Not enough security control in place? What do you think about this case?
ShanShan | 6/3/2015 6:02:29 PM | COMMENTS(4)

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19 Aug 2013
ISACA International Event
San Francisco, CA, USA
14 Oct 2013
ISACA International Event
Boston, MA, USA
6 Nov 2013
ISACA International Event
Las Vegas, NV, USA
North America ISRM features relevant security and risk management topics presented by leading industry experts and practitioners.
11 Aug 2014
ISACA International Event
Seattle, WA, USA

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Volume 4, 2015
by Matthew Pepe, Jason Luttgens and Kevin Mandia | Reviewed by Dino Ippoliti, CISA, CISM
This book is useful to anyone who is concerned about dealing with the inevitable security incident, from IT professionals to senior managers.
Volume 4, 2015
by Ganapathi Subramaniam
How should I go about establishing the security function and building a culture that is supportive to controls implementation?
Volume 4, 2015
by Steven J. Ross, CISA, CISSP, MBCP
The more I thought about nonmalicious system downtime, the more I became convinced that systems that fail are themselves insecure, regardless of the intent of the person responsible.
Volume 4, 2015
by Sivarama Subramanian, CISM, Varadarajan Vellore Gopal, CEH, and Marimuthu Muthusamy
The Internet of Things (IoT) is captivating organizations because of its potential to rapidly transform businesses and people’s lives.
Volume 4, 2015
by Dipti Patel, CISA, CISM, ISO 27001 LA, ITIL V3
Vendor risk management is the next step to elevate information security from a technical control process to an effective management process.
Volume 4, 2015
by Gilbert N. Sorebo and Michael C. Echols | Reviewed by Dino Ippoliti, CISA, CISM
The book provides an overview of the smart grid and addresses security concerns associated with it.

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On my last post in the CCI Blog, I described how American Water Works Association Cyber Security Framework didn’t addressed the detection Cyber Security events measures for these control systems.Today I have seen a good tweet (as always) from our collea...
Posted By : Enrique229 | 0 comments
Water Management Cyber Security guide from the American Water Works Association is bypassing certain critical controls on ICS Networks. Are we still in time in Spain to avoid this mishap? I know I should be looking for the needle in the Haystack, but lo...
Posted By : Enrique229 | 0 comments
Last weekend over dinner at one of my friend’s place, who isa Mergers & Acquisitions “M&A” Partner with a consulting firm; asked mehow would I assess the cyber security related risk of a target acquisition? Thequestion is very relevant in this day and age...
Posted By : Jitendra054 | 0 comments
Metodología hacker para obtener información rápida y precisa para Auditar más y Mejor Su jefe le ha entregado una orden de trabajo donde le solicita realizaruna Auditoría, a un proceso riesgoso, del nuevo Core que acaba de instalar elbanco ABC. Es probabl...
Posted By : dondeivis | 0 comments
17 Jul 2015
I'd like to find out what security tools and techniques are being used to secure big data and extrapolate intelligence from this data about our adversaries and who they are and what they are doing. There are many different tools and strategies to doing t...
Posted By : Carl676 | 0 comments
During an audit you may find that shell scripts are used to connect to your Oracle database (these are often scheduled jobs).  In many instances this represents a security risk as the Oracle database password is hardcoded into the script.  This means th...
Posted By : Ian Cooke | 1 comments