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Information Security Policies/Procedures

Welcome to the Information Security Policies/Procedures topic!

Collaborate, contribute, consume and create knowledge around various information security policies and procedures including BYOD, password complexity, and other topics.

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What are your most relevant policies you would like to see?. Posted by Marc Vael.
Information Security within mobility trend. Posted by Mutasim707.
Policies / Standards as product. Posted by apoizner.

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I came across an interesting article which stated the 10 most relevant policies where CISO's should look at or should develop (see in 1 Acceptable use policy 2 Privacy po...
Marc Vael | 2/12/2014 11:09:18 AM | COMMENTS(5)
Within the current of mobile devices ( smart mobile phone , flash memories , iPad , laptops) in addition to the extension of network world wide , data classification , control protection and security become a real challenges , mostly this threat the confi...
Mutasim707 | 12/16/2013 4:38:15 AM | COMMENTS(1)
When it comes to architecture, I always preach measure twice, cut once approach. However, with policies and standards, it's not always possible, especially in rapidly changing IT environments. Over the years, I've seen many of my clients spending 6 months...
apoizner | 12/16/2013 3:55:54 AM | COMMENTS(2)
Should the most strict information security policies and standards from the shareholding companies be used as the baseline or can the joint-venture develop its own policies?
Robert883 | 12/10/2013 9:15:16 AM | COMMENTS(3)
It's no secret that value of information depreciates over time. This principle is used in military through cascading data re-classification. However many enterprises ignore this fact and spend vast amount of money trying to maintain protection for the dat...
apoizner | 2/21/2013 10:32:48 AM | COMMENTS(3)
If you allow personally-owned devices to be used with enterprise data, how are you handling evaluation of compliance for those devices?  Are you using some sort of BYOD management software, or another type of solution?
Shea Nangle | 1/10/2013 2:22:19 PM | COMMENTS(2)

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Volume 2, 2014
by James Baird, CISM, CISSP, ISO 27001 LI, ITIL (F)
There is an axiom for authors that states to be a successful writer, one must know the reader.
Volume 2, 2014
by Key Mak, CISM, CAP, CISSP, ITIL, PMP, Security Plus, ECMp
Whether launching an information security project or developing a road map for an enterprise, determining where to start can be overwhelming.
Volume 2, 2011
by Gan Subramaniam, CISA, CISM, CCNA, CCSA, CIA, CISSP, ISO 27001 LA, SSCP
What should be our approach to determining and reaching agreement on the optimal percentage of business operations that must be or can be recovered in the event of a crisis?
Volume 3, 2010
by Steven J. Ross, CISA, MBCP, CISSP
Any organization planning to utilize cloud computing services should be well aware of the risks and should implement a robust control structure to counter them. Among the foremost risks is disruption of service, which includes both downtime and data loss.
Volume 2, 2010
by Chris Fry and Martin Nystrom | Reviewed by Tansu Gumus, CISA, CCNA
Volume 2, 2010

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15 Jan 2014
Posted By : masarker | 1 comments
On March 1st,  I was invited to speak at the CampIT conference on Enterprise Risk/Security Management at Rosemont Convention Center. Before me there were two speakers. The first presenter spent an hour presenting the story from the trenches of technolog...
Posted By : Umesh391 | 2 comments
Infosec community celebrates new versions of ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 27002:2013. Worth to look at: and everyone should read the story of genesis of  ISO 270...
Posted By : Vilius | 1 comments
Grupos de Estudio para Acreditaciones de JUNIO, SEPTIEMBRE Y DICIEMBRE 2013. Para los que esten interesados en la presentación del exámen de certificación CISA y CISM  o para cualquiera que desee comenzar a prepararse para estas o las próximas pruebas, pu...
Posted By : Alexander Osorio | 0 comments
Information security has been and remains a very specialized subject. Its early beginnings can be traced to the study of advanced mathematics and cryptography. even today the real theoretical advances happen in University Research Departments, Computer La...
Posted By : Dr Vishnu | 1 comments
Es importantísimo reconocer que la banca móvil y pagos móviles han llegado para quedarse y que aquellos bancos que no se ocupen ahora en prepararse tendrán grandes problemas en el largo plazo y esta es una opinión compartida con el equipo de BITS (Financi...
Posted By : Diego San Esteban | 0 comments