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PO1.2 - Business-IT Alignment

This topic is intended to enable collaboration and sharing of information to facilitate a better understanding and approach to implementing this COBIT control objective based on the risk, value and guidance provided by its corresponding control practices.

COBIT Control Objective PO1.2 - Business-IT Alignment is contained within Process Popup Define a Strategic IT Plan.

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Business-IT Alignment

Establish processes of bi-directional education and reciprocal involvement in strategic planning to achieve business and IT alignment and integration. Mediate between business and IT imperatives so priorities can be mutually agreed.

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Value Drivers

  • IT aligned with the organisation’s mission and goals
  • IT enabling the achievement of the strategic business objectives
  • Optimised return on IT investment
  • Opportunities for innovation identified and exploited
  Risk Drivers
  • IT seen as a cost factor
  • The enterprise’s mission not being supported by its IT
  • IT management decisions not following the business direction
  • Lack of common understanding of business and IT priorities, leading to conflicts about allocation of resources and priorities
  • Missed opportunities to exploit new IT capabilities

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  1. Ensure that IT informs enterprise management and key stakeholders on the current technology environment, possible future trends and value opportunities for the business.
  2. Ensure that enterprise management and key stakeholders discuss with IT management future business directions and enterprise goals to collaborate and develop a common understanding of the potential for IT to enable business goals.
  3. Ensure that IT management contributes to business strategy planning and identifies capabilities available to support enterprise goals and other opportunities to contribute to business value.
  4. Make the scope of the IT strategic and planning initiatives enterprisewide such that they address, document and consider all business and support activities.
  5. Ensure current and future business and IT alignment by:
    • Technology creating opportunities that the business can turn into enterprise benefits
    • Involving IT management in the development of enterprise goals to recognise opportunities and current capability limitations
  6. Align business imperatives and priorities with IT capabilities to establish enterprise priorities for inclusion in the IT strategic plan.
  7. In conjunction with business representatives, document a prioritised list of business products, services and processes that are critically dependent on IT.

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COBIT5 provides a  goals cascade based on stekeholder needs drivng enterprise goals drivingIT-related goals and then supported by critical processes.  COBIT5 helps ensure strategic alignment and drives what to do, supported by theenterprise goals to IT-re...
ahmet | 9/5/2014 4:16:40 AM | COMMENTS(0)

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Volume 3, 2107
by Jayakumar Sundaram, CISA, ISO 27001 LA
The SoA is a continuously updated and controlled document that provides an overview of information security implementation.
Volume 6, 2106
by Venkatasubramanian Ramakrishnan, CISM, CRISC, CHFI
Bayesian networks can capture the complex interdependencies among risk factors and can effectively combine data with expert judgment.
Volume 2, 2018
by Ofir Eitan, CISM, CCSK, CTI
In the wake of the Target breach, the threat of cyberattacks using an enterprise’s supply chain as a delivery vector has become a common concern within the information security community.
Volume 2, 2018
by Indrajit Atluri, CRISC, CISM, CISSP, HCISPP, ITILv3
Cyber insurance, along with cyberrisk, has become a very common agenda item on the boardroom discussion list in recent times.
Volume 2, 2018
by Steven J. Ross, CISA, CISSP, MBCP
In this era of multi-modal technology, many disaster recovery issues are solved, some are simply transferred and a few are made worse.
Volume 2, 2018
by Rassoul Ghaznavi-Zadeh, CISM, COBIT Foundation, SABSA SCF, TOGAF 9
A top-down approach to enterprise security architecture can be used to build a business-driven security architecture.

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La Tecnología de la Información (TI), en todas sus áreas (base de datos, seguridad de la información, desarrollo de software, redes, etc.), debe tener como objetivo primario el apoyo a los Procesos del Negocio (PN) de la organización. Sin embargo, es comú...
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Have you experienced ransomware attack so far and, if yes, what did you do to resolve? I set up Twitter poll here: It lasts for seven days. Thank you for taking part in the poll.
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21 Feb 2018
We are happy to announce that  on Feb//2018  the ISACA awareness session  was held in Baghdad.This the first time to speak about ISACA Value in Iraq.Professional from government and private sector were excited to hear about ISACA value and they started to...
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Bitcoin Trade a Bubble! Block Chain Technology Useful .ISACA Members whats your Take on Bitcoin Trade, Is its a bubble that wont last long.Block chain Technology is useful and its continuously growing to as form of secure record  management and secured us...
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There is no doubt with our current business environment, we will be experiencing more cyber breaches in the next few months.  The latest threat is an architectural design flaw in newer CPU's.  These design vulnerabilities could allow attackers to intercep...
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There are some math models for business that MBAs are taught. Just like assembling burgers for fast food or call wait queue management in a call center, vulnerability patching is a time based business opportunity. Leadership can be expected to use this ...
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