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PO3.3 - Monitor Future Trends and Regulations

This topic is intended to enable collaboration and sharing of information to facilitate a better understanding and approach to implementing this COBIT control objective based on the risk, value and guidance provided by its corresponding control practices.

COBIT Control Objective PO3.3 - Monitor Future Trends and Regulations is contained within Process Popup Determine Technological Direction

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Monitor Future Trends and Regulations

Establish a process to monitor the business sector, industry, technology, infrastructure, legal and regulatory environment trends. Incorporate the consequences of these trends into the development of the IT technology infrastructure plan.

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Value Drivers

  • Improved awareness of technological opportunities and improved services
  • Improved awareness of technical and regulatory risks
  • Improved evaluation of technological changes in line with the business plan
  Risk Drivers
  • Non-compliance with regulatory requirements
  • High effort required to achieve compliance because of wrong or late decisions
  • Technical incompatibilities or maintenance issues within the IT infrastructure
  • Organisational failure to maximise the use of emerging technological opportunities to improve business and IT capability

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  1. Ensure that adequately skilled staff members within the IT department routinely monitor technological developments, competitor activities, infrastructure issues, legal requirements and regulatory environment changes, and provide relevant information to senior management. Consult third-party experts to obtain views and confirm findings and proposals of internal staff.
  2. Ascertain that the IT department maintains membership in vendor user groups, subscribes to technical journals and maintains a research budget.
  3. Evaluate new technologies in the context of their potential contribution to the realisation of broader business goals and targets using established criteria, e.g., ROI, or ability to achieve market leadership.
  4. Ensure that the organisation’s legal counsel monitors legal and regulatory conditions in all relevant locations and informs the IT steering committee of any changes that may impact the technology infrastructure plan.

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