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Risk Management

Welcome to the Risk Management topic!

Collaborate, contribute, consume and create knowledge around topics such as Risk Management, Risk Governance, Risk Profile, Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC), & CRISC.

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HelloWhen doing an assessment for a new solution or system, and you identify critical, high, med, and low vulnerabilities which has posed high risk to the solution. When discussing the risk register with the business and technical owners for remediation’s...
AHMED359 | 2/1/2016 2:03:45 AM | COMMENTS(13)
This article makes an interesting point about the pressure risk professionals can face to present findings in a different light. Does anyone here have experiences they can share on how they've dealt with such pressure and resolve the ethical challenge the...
Phil Green | 1/26/2016 7:14:38 AM | COMMENTS(5)
Many companies vet the vendors before they bring them onboard to understand the value as well as the risks they will bring with them. This also allows companies to avoid any potential risk related issues that could cause disturbance to operations. But thi...
Devashish041 | 1/5/2016 12:43:11 AM | COMMENTS(10)
Hi all, This is more of a generic risk question and experience rather than COBIT Risk approach specific. I recently took on a risk assessment (and implementing a risk management process) role.The client wanted a risk assessment against key information as...
Lucent | 1/5/2016 12:18:31 AM | COMMENTS(8)
Looking for some online brainstorming here on how to inject energy across an organization around risk management. The oil & gas industry has been going through a lot of flux, and we need to be more vigilant as a result, but with the many layoffs across th...
Hannah656 | 1/4/2016 11:12:27 PM | COMMENTS(3)
My company planning to conduct Risk Control Self Assesment (RCSA), then what method to be use ? Is it ISO 310OO suitable for quite small company (about 800 employer) ?
Fitra238 | 12/31/2015 2:26:02 AM | COMMENTS(2)

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Volume 1, 2016
by Tommie Singleton, CISA, CGEIT
This article will address some of the more common criticisms made about IT auditors and what we, as professionals, can do to address them.
Volume 1, 2016
by Get to know your network.
Get to know your network.
Volume 1, 2016
by Martin Coe, DBA, CISA, CISM, CPA
Information security risk has dramatically evolved; however, security strategies that are typically compliance-based and perimeter-oriented have not kept pace.
Volume 6, 2015
by Vasant Raval, DBA, CISA, ACMA
The word “transparency” originated in the field of engineering. It has to do with the physical property that allows the transmission of light through a material, such as glass or plastic.
Volume 6, 2015
by Angelique Schouten
Cloud technology helps SMEs run and coordinate large external workforces, support operational management, and enable the building of new developments to ensure that they stay up to speed and futureproof within their markets.
Volume 6, 2015
by Mette Brottmann, Klaus Agnoletti, Morten Als Pedersen, Ronnie Lykke Madsen, Michael Rosendal Krumbak and Thor Ahrends, CISA, CISM, CRISC
Most IT professionals know the theory and importance of addressing and mitigating risk. Daily resource limitations and task prioritisation, however, do not always allow for best practice approaches to be taken.

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Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) is the registry for .ng Internet Domain Names and maintains the database of names registered in the .ng country code Top Level Domain. NiRA is a self-regulating body and managers of the .ng national resou...
Posted By : Udeagu | 0 comments
The Phrygy king Gordy presented to Zeus's temple a chariot. To it was attached difficult knot from a cornel bast that no expert could untangle it. The lack of attempts wasn't: the oracle foretold that the person who will untangle a Gordian knot, will seiz...
Posted By : Ilgar | 0 comments
Dear Community Members,We have established the Topic “Strategic Planning/Alignment” which I believe might be of interest to you. We would like to benefit from your experience and knowledge. Some of you are already members of the topic (which you will find...
Posted By : SA | 1 comments
Yes! Here I like to share my story about how I start my journey to become CISA, that I heard firstly from my CEO Mr. Amien Sunaryadi CISA, He suggest that all the Internal Audit Staff and Manager in our company (SKK Migas) to get this certification. The...
Posted By : Fitra238 | 0 comments
Information Security Managers (ISMs) are task with providing security oversight in defending organisations data, systems and building Infrastructures it depends on for making profit, against threats, risks and vulnerabilities such as cyber attacks from th...
Posted By : Prince143 | 0 comments
I am currently recruiting for a Senior IT Auditor - Financial Services , to join the team in Paddington. If you’re a CISA qualified Auditor and keen to travel internationally, please click on the link below. NO AGENCIES
Posted By : Stephen913 | 0 comments