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Security Tools

Welcome to the Security Tools topic!

Collaborate, contribute, consume and create knowledge around security tools used for vulneratiblity management (Nessus) and pen testing, as well as security linux distributions (Backtrack), and other security tools.

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Does anyone have any experience with it, good or bad? We're about to do a proof of concept. The screenshots make it look more like a computer game than a serious security tool, but I don't want to be too prejudiced!
Andrew407 | 1/29/2018 9:13:40 AM | COMMENTS(1)
In 23 yrs as an IS Auditor I have done many technical tasks. In ISACA and other literature, I see NMAP listed as a free tool for network discovery/port scanning. I need to do an internal Network Administration and Security audit. I am hoping if you have u...
Chris A. Ward | 1/19/2018 10:10:40 AM | COMMENTS(3)
Does anyone know or have used any freeware scanning tool to audit the health of a website they can recommend? Thanks.
Senh | 1/5/2018 1:09:49 PM | COMMENTS(6)
Whose reports do you believe most in regard to security software and tools: Forrester, Gartner, NSS Labs or someone else?
Dragan Pleskonjic | 11/30/2017 1:09:05 PM | COMMENTS(2)
Can you share which tool(s) do you use for application security testing (for static i.e. SAST, dynamic i.e. DAST etc.) and how it performs?
Dragan Pleskonjic | 11/9/2017 4:48:08 PM | COMMENTS(5)
Can you trust Gartner's 'Magic Quadrant' or other analysts' reports, when security testing tools are concerned?
Dragan Pleskonjic | 11/9/2017 1:07:33 PM | COMMENTS(0)

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Volume 1, 2018
by Ed Moyle
There are, literally, hundreds (if not thousands) of tools that can be purchased, adapted or applied to forwarding data protection.
Volume 1, 2018
The intent of this article is to outline a process to define a standard operational report for use cases to identify, monitor and respond to incidents and identify several security monitoring best practices.
Volume 6, 2017
by Mike Kuzminski, CISM, CISSP
In today’s always-connected world, the concept of device connectivity, the Internet of Things (IoT), has already solidified.
Volume 4, 2017
by Ed Moyle
From email to calendaring to business applications, employees are, quite literally, doing business from any device, any time of the day or night, from anywhere and everywhere on the planet.
Volume 3, 2017
by Sivarama Subramanian, CISA, and Balaji Swaminathan M., CISA, CISSP
During the Internet of Things (IoT) Village held at the DEF CON security conference in August 2016, 47 new vulnerabilities affecting 23 IoT devices from 21 manufacturers were disclosed.
Volume 3, 2017
by Steven J. Ross, CISA, CISSP, MBCP
At each stage in the evolution of information security, there has been a problem—access control, viruses, hackers, data leakage, to name a few—that has seemed insuperable.

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Have you experienced ransomware attack so far and, if yes, what did you do to resolve? I set up Twitter poll here: It lasts for seven days. Thank you for taking part in the poll.
Posted By : Dragan Pleskonjic | 1 comments
Information Security and Privacy is hot issue at present time. Number of security breaches is rapidly increasing.  In case of late detection, costs of breaches are skyrocketing. In the same time Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) are fast...
Posted By : Dragan Pleskonjic | 0 comments
My previous blog under name "Dragan on Security" was at location: It was active from August 28, 2005 to October 3, 2012. By beginning of 2017 it is moved to new location With possibility to...
Posted By : Dragan Pleskonjic | 0 comments
Yesterday’s security technology will not keep your network safe today, nor will today’s solutions protect you tomorrow. Network security must evolve. And at a rate that keeps it always one step ahead of the threats. These could include factors such as you...
Posted By : rasoolirfan | 1 comments
13 Nov 2014
Posted By : masarker | 4 comments
Follow @arthurhuamanic Después de una larga  caminata rumbo a mi piso, En el quiosco de la esquina me percate de una revista que me llamo mucho la atención era "Linux-Magazine" y de ahi empezaré a detallar un artículo de Michael Messner en la cual nos dem...
Posted By : ArthurHuamani | 0 comments