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Security Tools

Welcome to the Security Tools topic!

Collaborate, contribute, consume and create knowledge around security tools used for vulneratiblity management (Nessus) and pen testing, as well as security linux distributions (Backtrack), and other security tools.

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Hi All I just came across this scanner for IoT. I would like to know if anyone had made use of RIoT and how was the experience Thanks
DK19 | 1/26/2017 8:37:02 PM | COMMENTS(0)
This is one tool I've just recently discovered. This tool is very good at scanning IPv4/IPv6 networks and finding devices with accessible file shares. When it finds a file share, it shows the various groups that can read or write to the file share. Eve...
Gary055 | 1/25/2017 7:11:55 PM | COMMENTS(1)
Yes indeed. Kali enters into the LiveCD security distro arena. You may call it a successor of BackTrack, a branch or just a plain full distro, Kali developers claim it is a new engine under the hood. In fact, lost of new things:
ElliottB | 1/24/2017 7:33:45 PM | COMMENTS(5)
Can someone guide me on what Security tools (open source, freeware, commercial) that someone has already used and found useful and would best help me in security code review for Java and Python source code. In case security tools are not much help, how mu...
SKA | 8/23/2016 9:16:37 AM | COMMENTS(4)
Nessus is a very dynamic tool, always evolving. How are you using it: vulnerability management, running scheduled scans, asset management, identifying PII data, to comply with PCI requirements, etc.? If you came up with a creative way to use it during...
ElliottB | 8/23/2016 1:11:17 AM | COMMENTS(4)
Based on your work experience what are the best tools/softwarein each section?AuditEnterprise Security ManagementIT ForensicsPenetration Testing. VulnerabilityAssessment. Risk Assessmentencryption toolsRisk ManagementSecurity Event Managementthe recommend...
Elsayed | 8/22/2016 2:02:55 AM | COMMENTS(12)

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9 Nov 2015
ISACA International Event
Copenhagen, Denmark
Stay on top of the trends and opportunities of the dynamic technology industry at EuroCACS/ISRM —the leading European conference for IT audit, assurance, security and risk professionals.

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Volume 2, 2017
by Ed Moyle
To understand how the business side of any organization intersects with technology, ask an internal auditor. This might sound counterintuitive at first, but think about what auditors need to know to do their job...
Volume 1, 2017
by Tatu Ylonen
Secure Shell (SSH), also known as Secure Socket Shell, is a cryptographic network protocol for operating network services securely over an unsecured network.
Volume 1, 2017
by Ed Moyle
Most practitioners are already very accustomed to using technical tools for specific tactical purposes when it comes to security or assurance within their environments.
Volume 1, 2017
by Ravid Circus
Enterprises need to think of their entire network infrastructure—physical, virtual and cloud—in the same way that attackers do: a very large, diverse and geographically dispersed attack surface...
Volume 5, 2016
by Craig R. Hollingsworth, CISA
Within the last two years, the author’s research-oriented company installed a commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) tool within its Moderate network to use for survey work.
Volume 5, 2016
by Shemlse Gebremedhin Kassa, CISA, MSCS
The advancement of information systems and technology offers a vital benefit for businesses. However, it also brings ever-increasing challenges due to the existence of hackers, malware, viruses, cybercrimes, etc.

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Yesterday’s security technology will not keep your network safe today, nor will today’s solutions protect you tomorrow. Network security must evolve. And at a rate that keeps it always one step ahead of the threats. These could include factors such as you...
Posted By : rasoolirfan | 1 comments
13 Nov 2014
Posted By : masarker | 4 comments
Follow @arthurhuamanic Después de una larga  caminata rumbo a mi piso, En el quiosco de la esquina me percate de una revista que me llamo mucho la atención era "Linux-Magazine" y de ahi empezaré a detallar un artículo de Michael Messner en la cual nos dem...
Posted By : ArthurHuamani | 0 comments
On March 1st,  I was invited to speak at the CampIT conference on Enterprise Risk/Security Management at Rosemont Convention Center. Before me there were two speakers. The first presenter spent an hour presenting the story from the trenches of technolog...
Posted By : appolloconsulting | 2 comments
(By: William Darío Ávila Díaz, PhD) During the National Forum on National Security and Defence held on August 30, 2011 in Barranquilla, Teatro José Consuegra Higgins, the head of the Joint Chiefs, General Luis Felipe Paredes, spoke about the advances in ...
Posted By : William733 | 0 comments