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Edit an existing wiki by clicking on a link within the Wiki Library (below). Create a new wiki by typing its name after the last entry in the library surrounded by brackets. [[wiki name]].  For detailed instructions, see the “How to edit this wiki” page. The wiki should be applicable to this topic.  If it is not applicable, it will be moved or deleted. 

Only links to wikis should appear on this page.  All other content will be deleted.


By adding a link below you will be creating a new wiki. 

·       Click edit in the upper left corner of this page, place the name of your new wiki in double brackets [[new name goes here]] and click “ok” to save your change. 

·       Once the page refreshes, you will see the name of your new wiki with a dotted underline.

·       Click the link to navigate to your new wiki where you can begin to enter content.

[[Example wiki 1]]

[[Example wiki 2]]

This same approach can be used to build a table of contents on the first page of each wiki. Think of the links below as “books” and the links on the wiki page representing the chapters contained within the “book” (wiki).

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