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Security Trends

Welcome to the Security Trends topic!

Collaborate, contribute, consume and create knowledge about today’s top security trends, help to identify security issues that are relevant and emerging as well as issues that need more guidance.

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CyberSecurity 11 Essential practices • Governance• Risk Management• Compliance Management• Vulnerability Management• Communication  Management• Awareness Training• Access and Identity• Asset Management• Document Control• Records Management• Internal /Exte...
Mark E.S. Bernard | 7/6/2017 12:24:06 PM | COMMENTS(3)
Hi, Recently I am carrying out a research on ISMS standards and frameworks. The primary aim of my research is to explore the factors influencing the adoption of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) standards and frameworks. I would like to invi...
KAI720 | 6/29/2017 4:11:28 AM | COMMENTS(2)
There are many cybersecurity frameworks; from NIST CSF to ISO 27001 and CobIT, etc. I am trying to get a poll of what framework other companies are implementing /have implemented.  I believe if we answer the following questions(my answers are immediately ...
rbrenis | 6/27/2017 12:13:00 PM | COMMENTS(0)
Recently I created and shared a security reference architecture. Here are some of the most important sections of security program architecture: Governance: During this process the security program is aligned with organizational goals and objectives by t...
Mark E.S. Bernard | 6/16/2017 4:18:08 AM | COMMENTS(1)
Comparing ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ISMS to SANS CSC TOP 20, NERC-CIP, PCI DSS Overview This report compares CyberSecurity Framework ISO/IEC 27001 to other information security frameworks PCI DSS,  NERC-CIP & SANS TOP 20 CSC. These frameworks specialize in ca...
Mark E.S. Bernard | 6/15/2017 10:47:45 AM | COMMENTS(1)
Hope you don't mind me posting in this groupabout this year's ISACA Ireland conference, which is focusing on placingbusiness first. Wewould like this conference to be as successful as last year's, which was trulyinternational with 24 speakers from 12 coun...
Neil_Curran | 6/14/2017 9:37:44 AM | COMMENTS(1)

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Posted by ISACA 561 days ago
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Volume 4, 2017
by Sudhakar Sathiyamurthy, CISA, CRISC, CGEIT, CIPP, ITIL Expert
The trustworthiness of various risk assessment methods in pursuit of risk-based decisions is largely questioned in the marketplace.
Volume 3, 2017
by Steven J. Ross, CISA, CISSP, MBCP
At each stage in the evolution of information security, there has been a problem—access control, viruses, hackers, data leakage, to name a few—that has seemed insuperable.
Volume 3, 2017
by Danelle Au
Asymmetric warfare is “the application of dissimilar strategies, tactics, capabilities and approaches used to circumvent or negate an opponent’s strengths while exploiting his weaknesses.”
Volume 4, 2016
by Daniel Schatz, CISM, CCSK, CISSP, CSyP, CVSE, ISO 27001 LA/LI, MCITP-EA
The topic of information security has evolved to one of the top concerns among policymakers and corporations. Leaders demand answers from their support structures as to how such risk can be effectively managed.
Volume 3, 2016
While mobile devices have enhanced productivity, these devices compete for limited attention span and may make it more difficult to gain sufficient attention for security awareness.
Volume 2, 2016
by Henry Santiago
From January to 9 April 2015, the number of attacks on debit cards used at automated teller machines (ATMs) reached the highest level for that time frame in the last 20 years.

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The PCI Council has announced some new information on the upcoming version of PCI - Version 3.2.  Find out the latest here: http:/
Posted By : Stewart141 | 1 comments
Yesterday’s security technology will not keep your network safe today, nor will today’s solutions protect you tomorrow. Network security must evolve. And at a rate that keeps it always one step ahead of the threats. These could include factors such as you...
Posted By : rasoolirfan | 1 comments
13 Nov 2014
Posted By : masarker | 4 comments
On March 1st,  I was invited to speak at the CampIT conference on Enterprise Risk/Security Management at Rosemont Convention Center. Before me there were two speakers. The first presenter spent an hour presenting the story from the trenches of technolog...
Posted By : appolloconsulting | 2 comments