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How to log / monitor file access on Win Servers?

I need to solve a business requirement: to be able to log and monitor file read and modification on win2003 and win2008 servers.
I am not windows server guru. I asked some specialist, but probably not the right ones...
If we turn on full file access logging it slows down the server and still we cannot find the information in the logs.

I do not need it real time, I do not need to block it right now, I just need to be able to report who read it or modified it.
Of course there are fancy log analysis tools but there is no time or budget at the moment.
Is it possible to have this functionality with built-in, open-source or cheap tools?
What is your experience?

Additional info:
We have Syslog-ng for log collection, and we can use ORACLE BI to analyse log information if it is of any use.
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