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Young Professionals

Welcome to the Young Professionals Community! This page was developed for ISACA members in their 20s or 30s. Members are encouraged to share practical career advice on professional and personal development.

YP Spotlight: Matthias Kraft, Aurich, Germany, USA

ISACA is proud to spotlight Matthias Kraft from Germany. Get to know more about Matthias by scrolling down a little.

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Spotlight on Matthias Kraft
(from Aurich, Germany)

ISACA: What do you like about the risk and security profession?
Matthias:  When I started my career as a young entrepreneur and software engineer in the year 2000 when the Internet was at the rise, it was all about enabling businesses by creating new functionality within applications and making them available on the Internet. I never thought about risk or security during that time. When I slowly moved into the security and risk profession, I noticed that a healthy thinking about ‘what could go wrong’ can sustainably improve existing business processes. Now, I am passionate about helping businesses to protect themselves against the known and unknown in an ever changing threat landscape.

ISACA: From your personal experience, what has been the greatest challenge as a Young Professional in the work place?
Matthias:  I am part of the generation that grew up with a continuously and fast changing environment in terms of technologies constantly impacting our lives. As a young professional, I see myself often challenged to act as broker between the former, less agile and the new, fast paced world. I believe it is important for me to learn from the existing that in fact made all the changes possible but also support others to cope with constant change. ISACA has been a great touch point for me bringing together people with different backgrounds, capabilities, values and experiences.

ISACA: Complete this sentence. “The secret to success is…”
Matthias:  …to watch, to listen and to learn. This approach helped me many times to flex my style and to adapt to new cultures and environments during my personal and professional live.

Which technology could you not live without and why?
a) Facebook
b) Twitter
c) You Tube
d) Linked In
e) Instant Messenger
f) None of the above, as I am not a fan.
Matthias: "Linked In – Networking platforms such as Linked In and XING are extremely useful to connect with peers, colleagues and business partners. It provides easy access to background information about connections, direct messaging, news updates within my network and groups, etc.

ISACA: Complete this sentence. “ISACA Young Professionals can add value through…”
 …bringing new perspectives, insights and thinking from a new generation that will shape the future of many organizations.


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13 Aug 2018
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2018 GRC Conference - 13-15 August , Nashville, TN. Explore the future of Governance Risk and Control through expert-led workshops and sessions developed by the IIA and ISACA. Register early for our GRC learning tracks.
29 Oct 2018
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Seattle, WA, USA

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