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Volume 5, 2016

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Data Lineage and Compliance
26 October 2016
Eva Sweet, CISA, CISM

Data lineage is gaining momentum as the volume of data and complexity of systems environments and compliance requirements continue to grow. For those unfamiliar with the concept, data lineage is a way of looking at an organization’s data throughout the entirety of their cycle—from original to final destination—by creating a visual representation of the flow of data throughout the organization.

Data architecture and data governance activities can be bolstered by data lineage. Specifically, these activities rely on metadata (data about the data). Read More >>

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Reducing the Gender Disparity in Cyber Security
24 October 2016
Daksha Bhasker, CISM, CISSP

Bletchley Park is great historical evidence that women do well as contributors to national security, intelligence and technology development. At its peak, Bletchley Park, the British government’s Code and Cipher School, employed about 7,000 women in its 10,000-person code-breaking operations of the German Enigma machine during World War II. The age and education of the women in this intelligence operation varied, ranging from high school graduates at 17 years old to linguists, mathematicians and talented crossword puzzle solvers. Diversity in gender and skills were integrated successfully in cryptanalysis and some of the world’s most critical security operations. Read More >>

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