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Volume 1, 2017

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Smart Sustainable Cities Need Well-governed Disruptive IT, Not Just IT
11 January 2017
Graciela Braga, CGEIT, COBIT Foundation, CP

Most people live in cities, so they enjoy or endure city attributes as part of their day-to-day lives. Because those lives may be complicated and busy, people may see the impact and benefit of IT only when it is not there: failures, service unavailability, loss of physical devices, low battery, natural disasters and so on.

When discussing the impact of IT on cities, some questions arise: How have cities been transformed by IT? Can this transformation be measured? What are the benefits and risk factors of the transformation? Is this transformation a necessity? Do people still desire life in a non-IT city? Read More >>

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Phishing Attacks: Organizations in Troubled Waters Year After Year?
9 January 2017
Baidyanath Biswas and Arunabha Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D.

Social engineering of data over the Internet through phishing involves social and technological tactics to acquire information from victims. Attackers often target naive users to unwittingly divulge critical information such as their usernames; passwords from social network sites, bank and financial web pages; and credit card details. Fraudsters create fake web pages that closely resemble the original site and spread the pages through emails, web and multimedia messages to reach the target users. Modern day phishing emails are more malicious than before. Almost 90% of phishing attacks originate from organized crime groups, and the rest originate from rogue-nation adversaries. The attackers are primarily after their targets’ login credentials. Read More >>

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