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Volume 4, 2015

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Cloud Computing Success Depends on the Right Network
22 July 2015
Corey Eng

Many enterprises want to increase productivity, operate more efficiently, and reduce costs by relocating their applications and services to the cloud, but adopting cloud solutions is only part of the strategy necessary to achieve these objectives. Enterprises also need network connectivity that gives employees at every location flexible, reliable and secure access to cloud-based applications and services.

Flexibility, reliability and secure network connectivity is important regardless of the type of cloud an enterprise may choose... Read More >>

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The Necessary Prerequisite When Moving to the Cloud
3 August 2015
Corey Eng

Nearly every company on the planet is thinking about or looking to relocate applications and services to the cloud. With the endless options offered by a rapidly growing list of cloud providers, it is possible to find best-of-breed services and applications from anywhere, at any time and on any device.

But with the sheer amount of information available about the cloud, trying to determine the best way to reach and reside in the cloud is a daunting and overwhelming task.  Read More >>

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