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Volume 6, 2016

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IS Audit Basics: The Domains of Data and Information Audits
7 December 2016
Ed Gelbstein, Ph.D., 1940-2015

In my early days as a practitioner, the use of computers was referred to as data processing and electronic data processing (EDP), and this covered primarily batch processing of inventory, banking transactions and billing for utility services. Later came transaction processing such as airline reservations and ticketing transactions. At that time, expressions such as first in, first out (FIFO) and garbage in, garbage out (GIGO) were in common use, the first because memory was a precious resource and the second because data was entered manually and programming errors were common. Read More >>

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The Keys to Using Analytic Techniques
14 November 2016
Spiros Alexiou, Ph.D, CISA

Modern companies routinely collect a large amount of data, which are used for a variety of purposes, including audits. Analyzing the data and deciphering the story that they are telling could be done with very simple techniques or can require quite complex and sophisticated techniques. A number of software packages, some of them free, perform such complex analyses. These techniques can be applied by most auditors, provided they understand what the techniques do, not necessarily how they work. In my recent Journal article, I present a number of such techniques that have proven useful in audits. These techniques have different scopes and purposes, e.g., clustering automatically finds groups of similar behavior, while case-based reasoning finds the most closely related data instance in the database. Read More >>

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