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Volume 1, 2016

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Security in the Payment Card Industry: The Importance of Data Integrity
10 February 2016
Mark Johnston

In July 2015, CVS became the latest company to fall victim to an apparent breach, this one involving credit card data obtained via its web site for ordering and processing photos. The alleged breach happened through the third-party company that hosts

As of this writing, CVS has declined to say how many customers may be affected, but the point stands: One stolen credit card number is one too many. Consumers are not held liable for fraudulent activities on their credit card; however, such activity can make consumers feel helpless. Read More >>

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When It Comes to Changing IA, Do Not Let Perfection Be the Enemy of the Good Enough
8 February 2016
Bob Kress

I compare notes with internal audit (IA) colleagues in other companies from time to time, and whenever the topic turns to adapting the internal audit function to the digital era, I hear a consistent theme: “This is such a big challenge. Where do we even begin?”

The fear of getting started is understandable. Transformation is a significant challenge. There are a lot of moving parts, and they are all in motion at the same time. Read More >>

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