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Volume 1, 2016

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IS Audit Basics: Is There Such a Thing as a Bad IS Auditor? Part 1
2 February 2016
Ed Gelbstein, Ph.D.

Previous columns explored what it takes for an audit to be successful and also the characteristics of a good auditor.1, 2, 3

Auditors are human (some auditees may challenge this!). As such, they are unique individuals and imperfect in one way or another. Recognition of such imperfections has led humanity to develop the concepts of good and bad. Some are codified in legislation, others remain subjective and nonbinary, i.e., there are many shades between the absolutely perfect and wonderful and the diabolically bad. In many analyses, e.g., yin and yang, these coexist and interact and are seen to represent the duality of nature. Read More >>

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Using the COBIT 5 Assessment Programme to Improve the Work Process Capability of Auditors, Assurance Professionals and Assessors
1 February 2016
Graciela Braga, CGEIT, COBIT Foundation, CPA

IS and IT auditors, assurance professionals and assessors undertake audits, assurance work or assessments of IT processes (the assignment) and, in addition to the final objective, have common tasks to complete, e.g., planning and performing activities and reporting results.

The work entails evaluating processes owned by others. But who is looking at the work processes of the auditor, assurance professional or assessor?  Read More >>

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