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COBIT Domains and Control Objectives

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Acquire and Implement Deliver and Support Monitor and Evaluate Plan and Organize Process Controls Application Controls

PO – Plan and Organize – PO1-PO10

This domain covers strategy and tactics, and concerns the identification of the way IT can best contribute to the achievement of the business objectives. The realization of the strategic vision needs to be planned, communicated and managed for different perspectives. A proper organization as well as technological infrastructure should be put in place.

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AI – Acquire and Implement – AI1-AI7

To realize the IT strategy, IT solutions need to be identified, developed or acquired, as well as implemented and integrated into the business process. In addition, changes in and maintenance of existing systems are covered by this domain to make sure the solutions continue to meet business objectives.

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ME – Monitor and Evaluate – ME1-ME4

All IT processes need to be regularly assessed over time for their quality and compliance with control requirements. This domain addresses performance management, monitoring of internal control, regulatory compliance and governance.

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DS – Delivery and Support – DS1-DS13

This domain is concerned with the actual delivery of required services, which includes service delivery, management of security and continuity, service support for users, and management of data and operational facilities.

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PC – Process Controls – PC1-PC6

Each COBIT process has generic control requirements that are identified by PCn, for process control number. They should be considered together with the process control objectives to have a complete view of control requirements.

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AC – Application Controls – AC1-AC6

COBIT assumes the design and implementation of automated application controls to be the responsibility of IT, covered in the Acquire and Implement domain, based on business requirements defined using COBIT’s information criteria. The COBIT IT processes cover general IT controls, but only the development aspects of application controls.

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