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Collectively with our global community of innovators and professionals, ISACA develops globally accepted guidance, standards and frameworks that enhance the profession and support enterprise success worldwide.


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2017 Africa CACS

11-12 September 2017

2018 North America CACS

30 April-2 May 2018

2018 EuroCACS

28-30 May 2018




Chicago Training Week: An Introduction to Privacy and Data Protection

23-26 October 2017



Data Privacy Day Champion

International Data Privacy Day is a global celebration observed annually on 28 January.

As an International Data Privacy Day champion, ISACA recognizes and supports the ideal that individuals, organizations, businesses and government all share the responsibility to be aware of privacy challenges and encourages everyone to bring information privacy into their daily thoughts, conversations and actions. Learn more.


White Papers

Adopting GDPR Using COBIT 5
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Keeping a Lock on Privacy: How Enterprises are Managing Their Privacy Function
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Privacy & Big Data
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Securing Sensitive Personal Data or Information Under India’s IT Act Using COBIT 5
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Implementing a Privacy Protection Program: Using COBIT 5 Enablers With the ISACA Privacy Principles

ISACA Privacy Principles and Program Management

Data Privacy Audit/Assurance Program

A Practical Guide to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Audit/Assurance Program
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Vendor Management Using COBIT 5
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Controls and Assurance in the Cloud: Using COBIT 5
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ISACA Journal Articles

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Key Ingredients to Information Privacy Planning Volume 4, 2017

Mobile Workforce Security Considerations and Privacy Volume 4, 2017

An Ethical Approach to Data Privacy Protection Volume 6, 2016

Delivering Personal Data Protection Compliance on a Global Scale Volume 6, 2016

The New EU General Data Protection Regulation—Benefits and First Steps to Meeting Compliance Volume 6, 2016

Holistic IT Governance, Risk Management, Security and Privacy: Needed for Effective Implementaiton and Continuous Improvement Volume 5, 2016

The New Age of Near-Zero Privacy Volume 4, 2016

Privacy in the Era of Monitoring and Surveillance: A Conceptual Framework on Personal Data Protection Volume 4, 2016

Data Privacy for the Smart Grid Volume 2, 2016

Information Security Matters: Cyber/Privacy Volume 1, 2016


Back to the Future in Device Security: Leveraging FIPPs to Proactively Manage IoT Privacy and Security Risk Volume 6, 2015

Data Protection and GAPP Alignment Volume 4, 2015

Security and Privacy Challenges of IoT-enabled Solutions Volume 4, 2015

User Threats Vs. User Privacy: Striking the Perfect Balance Volume 1, 2015

Privacy Assurance for BYOD Volume 5, 2014

Data Privacy—Protecting This Asset is a Priority Volume 3, 2014

Data Privacy and Big Data—Compliance Issues and Considerations Volume 3, 2014

The Privacy of Piracy Volume 2, 2014

Risk to Entities Regarding Data Breaches—Lessons From a Brief Case Study, Volume 2, 2014

Auditing for PII Security Compliance Volume 1, 2014

Key Considerations in Protecting Sensitive Data Leakage Using Data Loss Prevention Tools Volume 1, 2014

Privacy Audit –Methodology and Related Considerations Volume 1, 2014



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14 April 2016
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4 March 2016
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26 January 2016
Data Privacy Day: EU’s GDPR Puts a Fine Point on Privacy

6 November 2015
Global Privacy Study: How Does Your Organization Compare?


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