Getting Started With GEIT: A Primer for Implementing Governance of Enterprise IT 


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How do organizations know they are effectively utilizing enterprise technology resources to best realize business goals? Do organizations know the extent to which their business goals are dependent on technology? How do they know the technology they have in place is providing value and realizing the expected return on investment?

Governance of enterprise IT (GEIT) is the systematic process of answering these and other related questions. Implementing a GEIT system can bring many benefits to an organization, including lower costs, greater control, more efficient and effective use of resources, and overall better strategic alignment and risk management. The primary purpose of adopting and using a GEIT system is to deliver value to stakeholders. This guide provides the necessary steps to implement GEIT to help the enterprise achieve its goals and demonstrate value delivery.

This guide is intended for people who are new to GEIT or have recently been tasked with implementing a GEIT structure. Whether the enterprise is already familiar with GEIT concepts and practices or is exploring the possibilities, this guide will help provide an understanding of the steps to implement GEIT and examples of the benefits of GEIT, so that buy-in from senior leadership can be obtained and a framework to guide implementation efforts can be used.

In addition, as companions to this e-book, ISACA has created quick reference materials to help keep your implementation on track. Download our free Action Plan Checklist for Getting Started With GEIT to make sure you don’t miss any important considerations. Download our free Infographic for an understanding of how the entire GEIT planning and execution process comes together.