Critical Success Factors (CSFs) of IT Governance (ITG) in Saudi Arabia 


Researcher:  Zyad Alreemy

University:  University of Southampton

Target Audience:  At least 3 years experience in IT, either in IT Governance or any related fields

How to Participate:

Closing date for Response:  6 October 2014

Description of Research:  I am a PhD student, conducting this survey as a part of my study. This would help me identify the critical success factors (CSFs) for the implementation of IT Governance (ITG) in Saudi Arabia. These factors are divided to 6 Categories. Via this questionnaire, you will give your opinion about each category, factor and the relation between them. You can also suggest adding or/and removing categories or/and factors. Eventually, this would confirm the CSFs for ITG framework developed by the researchers.

Survey Results:  On line after completing the survey

How to Contact:  Mobile +0044.744.691.5777, or Email