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CEO Search Puts Focus on ISACA’s Promising Future

Rob Clyde, CISM, Chair of ISACA’s Board of Directors
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Rob ClydeJust as there are no limits to the technological advancements that our professions, and society, will embrace, the impact ISACA’s professional community can make in the coming years has boundless potential. With a 200-plus chapter network, a passionate volunteer base, the collective expertise of our 450,000-plus global professional community, the knowledge and credentialing portfolio — to name just a few of our assets — ISACA is ideally positioned for 2019, our 50th anniversary year, and beyond.

At this time of year, we can find ourselves reflecting on the past. Yet at this moment, I find myself more drawn to consider ISACA’s promising future, as our association has opened the search and application process for a new ISACA chief executive officer. This effort is being carefully managed by a Selection Committee of the Board, with committee chair Tracey Dedrick and members Chris Dimitriadis, Greg Touhill, Gabriela Reynaga, Leonard Ong and R.V. Raghu. ISACA has engaged Egon Zehnder Inc., a Zurich, Switzerland-based executive search firm, to aid in this important work.

While there are many characteristics that will be important for our new CEO to possess, at the core, we seek a strategic visionary with a deep understanding of technology and its role as a business enabler — a leader who not only understands the rapidly evolving technology landscape, but also brings a strong perspective of what our global professional community needs in this environment. This new leader will have a strong understanding of digital transformation, demonstrated ability to collaborate with a range of global stakeholders and the ability to serve as a respected external voice for the organization.

Further, the ISACA CEO also must drive operational excellence throughout the organization, and therefore have the proven ability to build, motivate and manage a high-performing professional team. One of ISACA’s great attributes is the shared sense of purpose and partnership among the Board of Directors, volunteers, ISACA staff and the entirety of our professional community. A CEO capable of strengthening those connections will ensure that ISACA and the CMMI Institute achieve, and even exceed, organizational goals, continue our growth curve, and capitalize on promising new opportunities that surface ever more often around the globe.

The ISACA Board is excited about the search; we are confident the opportunity will attract a bevy of excellent candidates. We take very seriously our responsibility, this unique occasion to select a new CEO who we will entrust as the essential, excellently qualified executive leader. This individual will be charged with bringing strategic vision to life, to inspire a world-class professional staff, and to serve ISACA’s current and future professional community in the most dynamic industry — information technology.

Where once we were known for electronic data processing audit and controls, today’s ISACA is the professional home and hub for risk, governance, privacy, information and cyber security — still audit and controls — and more. Our professionals are at the forefront of artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things, quantum computing, and many other current and future technologies that recalibrate our personal and work lives daily. The everyday work performed by ISACA’s professional community is critical to move organizations, institutions, businesses and society forward securely and responsibly.

As we begin the search for ISACA’s next CEO in earnest, we know our rigorous selection process will lead to the arrival of an engaging, vibrant leader who will embrace our challenges, seize high-impact new opportunities, and take ISACA to new heights. Our new CEO will come aboard at a truly special juncture for ISACA, a time when we are honoring our past, celebrating our 50th anniversary, and innovating for that future 50 years, and more, to come.

Interested parties may supply credentials for consideration via electronic mail to



This is a great step for ISACA as a whole.Thanks those who have been before for this far and for the incumbent we are looking forward to a great CEO of 2019 .
Raymond670 at 12/20/2018 12:02 AM
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