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Global Passion for ISACA Comes Through Loud and Clear

David Samuelson, Chief Executive Officer, ISACA
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David SamuelsonAs I begin my time as ISACA’s new chief executive officer, having just completed my first week in the role, one thing continues to impress me – the passion our professional community feels for ISACA. It is immediately apparent how meaningful ISACA is to our individual members’ careers, as well as to the organizations we serve in IT audit, governance, risk and security.

Since my appointment was announced, I have received a steady stream of well-wishes from ISACA fans around the world, a great example of how swiftly technology connects us. I find this encouragement energizing, but perhaps more importantly, the outpouring illustrates the enthusiasm of our robust network of members, chapters, volunteers and professional staff. The solidity of this foundation – the people of ISACA – bodes so well for our future as we continue to build upon ISACA’s 50 years of important contributions to the standards, credentials and training that benefit technology practitioners and organizations globally.

ISACA is essentially a learning organization, and I have spent my career leveraging technology as a catalyst to help people learn, grow and succeed through education. Providing excellent, modern learning opportunities empowers people to unlock their potential in a way that can be transformative on both a personal and a professional level. I love that we help people prosper in reaching their goals through ISACA’s educational and community resources. In today’s digitally transformed landscape, it is essential that ISACA create professional learning communities and programs in an increasing array of formats, both electronic and in-person. I hope that individuals and organizations can engage with ISACA in ways that best meets their needs, as we evolve into the professional learning network that everyone in our fields aspires to join.

I have a 2-year-old grandson (also named David) who constantly comes to mind as I think about the future and the world he will live in. Our purpose – to help people and organizations realize the positive potential of technology – has such profound relevance. Even now, we depend heavily on technology in both our personal and professional worlds, but for future generations the need to boldly yet responsibly integrate technology into our lives will only become more important. We need to provide the support, credentials and services that will help our professional community lead the way forward.

I am grateful for the tremendous contributions of the volunteers, staff and leadership from ISACA’s past 50 years that have situated this organization so favorably going forward. It is a privilege to come aboard at such a key inflection point in ISACA’s history as we honor our past and look ahead. A global and connected future will drive even more demand for effective and secure technology deployment – a core area of expertise for ISACA – positioning us perfectly for accelerated growth and impact in our increasingly digital (and digitally vulnerable) world. I’m reminded of the most encouraging moments of one of my favorite hobbies, sailing, as I can clearly see the wind is in our sails as we navigate forward into exciting new waters.

There is so much I look forward to as I begin this journey, but at the top of the list is the opportunity to meet and connect with you – the ISACA community – whether in person or digitally. As I strive to learn everything there is to know about our organization, I will be doing a lot of listening, and will value your honest observations about how ISACA can become the thought leader for our sector’s future.

Already, though, your passion for ISACA has come through loud and clear – and that is a terrific place to start.


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