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International President: Your role in ISACA’s evolving strategic direction

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Directors’ top priority was “strategic planning and oversight” in 2011, according to the recent Public Company Governance Survey from the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD). It’s satisfying to hear that ISACA is in good company, as we embarked on an initiative in 2011 to evaluate and extend the strategic direction first implemented in 2009.

Named Strategy 2022 (S22) because it encompasses a 10-year horizon (from 2012 through 2022), this evolution of our strategic direction will help ensure ISACA continues to provide the valuable benefits and guidance that have fueled our growth over the past 40+ years.

Our analysis uncovered a reassuring fact—our tagline “Trust in, and value from, information systems,” which was first introduced in conjunction with our 2009 efforts, is still as important and focused as ever. Trust and value are at the core of what our constituents provide to enterprises around the world. They are concepts that bridge all cultures and all languages. And they are as critical today as they were three years ago, and will remain so for decades to come.

ISACA’s strategic aspirational view relies on our global leadership in educating and informing individuals and enterprises on the topic of trust in information and information systems. Although we currently offer very successful and globally recognized conferences, guidance, publications, webinars, training events and certifications, our work going forward will need to focus even more strongly on emerging trends and technologies.

Everyone—whether you are a current member of ISACA, a future member or someone who just wishes to use our products—plays a part in ensuring “trust” within their own enterprises. To help people meet this critical responsibility, ISACA will create even more practical guidance, education programs, online opportunities and a variety of other resources.

This ambitious aspiration will require—more than ever—teamwork among all members. At the same time, our chapters will become even more important sources of networking and engagement. Everyone who wants to be a part of our S22 evolution is invited to make a contribution. A new e-mail address,, is dedicated to S22 initiatives and feedback. We look forward to hearing from you—and working with you over the upcoming 10-year horizon.

Ken Vander Wal, CISA, CPA
International President, ISACA and the IT Governance Institute


Keen on Strategy 2012 (S22)

Thank you for sharing the road that strategic planning and execution will take for ISACA.  At our chapter based on need to give propulsion to a strategic plan, we are contracting with a black belt in QA and process improvement to our methods in establishing and constructing a strategy that will keep our chapter vital.  For this to succeed we need to align our smaller strategy to follow ISACA's. 

Anything that you can share to all the chapters that may be helpful for us to adapt, please continue to share with the Chapter Leaders!

Best regards,
Yolanda Baker

New Jersey Chapter VP
chapter 030
Yolanda Baker at 1/31/2012 8:42 AM
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