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INSIGHTS 2012—Looking back, moving forward

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Greg GrocholskiIt is hard to believe that it’s been a full month since I was installed as ISACA’s international president at INSIGHTS 2012 in San Francisco. I’m excited to help lead this dynamic association and look forward to working with and meeting many of you in the coming year.


I’d like to express my appreciation for the remarkable knowledge exchange at INSIGHTS 2012—among panelists, moderators and attendees. Whether during formal sessions conducted by industry experts or networking sessions in which I was able to speak with hundreds of business and IT leaders, I was consistently impressed with the passion for and devotion to the profession that was on display. ISACA is truly a very special group.

The master of ceremonies, Bob Treadway, and the opening presenters, The Passing Zone, were very insightful. In fact, The Passing Zone managed to impart useful business advice while juggling chainsaws. The duo stressed how the concept of ICE—innovate, collaborate, execute—is critical to success in any field, from juggling to IT.

Three days of presentations followed, with experts from around the world discussing migrating to the cloud, advancements in technology, the most challenging risk scenarios facing enterprises today, innovations in security, the changing roles of IT professionals and the growth of BYOD.

Twitter Highlights

As many speakers noted, more and more employees are bringing their own devices to work, whether enterprise leaders like it or not. And many INSIGHTS attendees brought their own devices to INSIGHTS–and put them to work. I was amazed at the level of social media activity during INSIGHTS. Oftentimes, a great quote was broadcast to the world via Twitter (where you can follow ISACA at @ISACANews) within seconds after being said.

Approximately 450 tweets were sent from the event. Some samples:

“Thank you #isacainsights for a fabulous PowerPoint-free conference.” Rob “The IT Skeptic” England

“The people at #isacainsights are incredible! The level of thinking is much more mature than typical IT or business pros!” Glenn O’Donnell

“Tweeting a conference such as #isacainsights is like running down library shelves snatching handfuls of knowledge.” Rob “The IT Skeptic” England

“ISACA World Congress INSIGHTS 2012—amazing event!”Stephen Ibaraki

ISACA’s Past and Future

The author of the last example tweet, Stephen Ibaraki, also invited Bud Friedman, ISACA’s international president in 1973-4, and me to join him in a webinar on ISACA’s past and future, as well as the highlights of INSIGHTS. I invite you to listen to it here.

And, speaking of ISACA’s future, we have more great events to look forward to over the next year. INSIGHTS 2013 in Berlin, Germany, next June will be here before we know it. In the meantime, three great events will take place this September: EuroCACS/Information Security Risk Management (ISRM) in Munich, Germany; Asia-Pacific CACS/ISRM in New Delhi, India; and Oceania CACS in Wellington, New Zealand. Latin America CACS/ISRM will be held in Colombia in October, and North America ISRM/IT GRC will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, this November.

I thank all of the presenters, volunteers and sponsors who helped make INSIGHTS 2012 a tremendous success—as well as the incredible attendees. I hope you gained some INSIGHTS that will help transform the things you do in your enterprise—I know I did.

Greg Grocholski, CISA
International President, ISACA and the IT Governance Institute

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