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ISACA’s 199th chapter reminds us of the benefits of membership

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Olugbenga AdaraFinally.

Yes, finally I have the opportunity to participate fully with a local ISACA chapter.

Even though I have been a member of ISACA for the past three years, the closest chapter to me had been more than 120 kilometers away—a two- or three-hour journey each way—making it impractical for me to actively participate in chapter activities.

But a few weeks ago I received an email from ISACA informing me of a new local chapter in Ibadan. Since I work and reside in Ibadan, the third largest metropolitan city in Nigeria, I became a member with all gladness.

The inaugural meeting, held on 24 November, was attended by more than two dozen members. This was encouraging to everyone. The chapter president, Folakemi Gbadamosi, told us the story behind getting the chapter approved and the tasks ahead to get the chapter compliant.

There was much enthusiasm about getting the chapter started on sound footing, with everyone promising to work hard to increase membership and come up with quality programs for the chapter.

One of the benefits of being a member of ISACA is the opportunity for leadership experience. And I did see an immediate fulfilment of this when I was nominated and appointed to the executive committee of the chapter.

Another benefit I immediately recognized is the chance to network with professional colleagues, rubbing minds on current professional issues. And I was pleasantly surprised to see several topics that interest me on the survey we were asked to complete during the meeting. I deploy Linux, firewalls, routers and network-access control as part of my work (I love open source tools like pfsense, packetfence, monowall, etc.), so I was quick to tick these on the survey. I look forward to sharing and expanding knowledge on these topics and many others.

I also look forward to completing the process of being CISM certified, after having passed the exam in June 2010. Continuing professional education hours (CPEs) are easier to earn through my local chapter now, so maintaining certification will be more convenient.

I really want to say a big “thank you” to ISACA for giving us a chapter in Ibadan. I also must thank all the people who worked tirelessly to fulfil the conditions for approval of our chapter.

For those who are thinking of joining ISACA and happen to live near Ibadan, I say you will be very much welcomed in the Ibadan chapter of ISACA. For those in other areas, consider becoming active in your local ISACA chapter if you are not already. You’ll be impressed by the benefits you receive.

Olugbenga Adara
CEO, 3OM Service, Nigeria

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