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Meet Your Board Members: Krysten McCabe

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Krysten McCabeToday’s ISACA Now post profiles Krysten McCabe, CISA, a director on ISACA’s board. Krysten is also a senior manager in the Assurance and Advisory Management Program at The Home Depot and a member of ISACA’s Audit and Finance Committees.

ISACA: Describe your professional background.

Krysten: I was an IT auditor at Ernst & Young LLP and an IT controls analyst at SunTrust Banks Inc. before joining The Home Depot, where I have been a part of the internal audit function for eight years.

ISACA: What type of projects do you work on?

Krysten: Our group is responsible for compliance projects and process-improvement initiatives. For example, we recently audited accessibility to sensitive data, ensuring that we had the right controls in place to protect our employees’ and customers’ personal information. In that project, we found an opportunity to implement controls that would prevent potentially inappropriate use of that information.

ISACA: What is unique about working at The Home Deport?

Krysten: Our internal audit department functions as a management-development program, bringing in associates with a few years of experience and growing leaders within the organization. Each quarter, these teams rotate through projects in different business areas. We provide our associates with exposure to executive-level leadership, which helps them prepare for when they might take a more senior-level leadership role. And this extends beyond the world of IT—it goes into presentation skills, writing skills, collaboration with team members, management style, etc.

ISACA: What advice would you give to students or young professionals who would like to follow in your footsteps?

Krysten: Starting in college, take leadership roles in organizations, which teaches you the value of working with a team and sharing goals with a large group. That is a huge part of what I do every day. Also, develop a very strong network and maintain relationships with those people. Reach out to people to do benchmarking. And lastly, be patient with your career growth; be willing to grow into your role instead of jumping from job to job.

ISACA: Why did you become an ISACA member?

Krysten: Membership provides access to a wealth of information. The journals every month are awesome at helping keep you up to date with current issues. Membership also gives you a link to a local community of people with the same background as you. I got my CISA certification in 2006. That highlights that you are skilled in a particular area and you are committed to it.

ISACA: What do you hope to accomplish as an ISACA board member?

Krysten: I am excited about bringing a different perspective to the board. There are a lot of new risks—new challenges such as social media—that our generation uses on a daily basis. I feel that I can contribute in these areas and help to attract new members to the association.

ISACA: What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Krysten: I think that remaining active and healthy contributes to success at work. As such, I enjoy running, spinning and yoga. My husband and I also enjoy traveling.

ISACA: What is unique about being a woman in this industry?

Krysten: You have to be interested in this field. To be honest, it turned me off at first. I am not technical. This field seems very techy up front, but it doesn’t have to be. If you like logical thinking, it’s pretty straightforward…determining what needs to be done to mitigate risks.

It was clear to me that technology was going to be a big part of business when I left school. I didn’t like programming, but with IT audit I get to stay involved with a critical part of business and interact with a variety of people every day. I can improve things where I see opportunities for change. I can challenge the status quo. I like coming up with new ideas, creating plans to address risk and seeing projects from start to finish.

ISACA: What are you most excited about in the world of audit?

Krysten: We are seeing more and more how technology is becoming a critical part of business, and this constant change allows you to continue to learn new things. It’s very exciting.

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