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The “greening” of ISACA

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The “green” movement has been around for a lot longer than many of us realize. While the “official” start date is sometimes cited as 22 April 1970, when the first Earth Day was celebrated in the US, that date is more a convenient placeholder than a fact. In reality, environmental issues and challenges were noted as early as the first years of the 1900s, and interest in environmental issues around the world increased after World War II, when there was a growing sense of the fragility of our earth.


Still, it is fitting, very near the 43rd anniversary of that placeholder date, to take stock of one’s own efforts in this area. Very few of us are completely isolated from “green” initiatives:  many of us recycle glass, plastic or paper; we walk or ride our bikes to work; we plant gardens to be a bit more self-sustaining.


ISACA is no exception. Very gradually and quietly, over the past several years, ISACA has instituted many new initiatives or changed several previously existing processes, to try to create a positive impact on resources. Here are some of the ways ISACA is “going green”:

·         ISACA continues to migrate infrastructure to power-efficient platforms for a majority of the association’s needs. The remaining systems will be migrated by the end of 2013.

·         Obsolete ISACA equipment is recycled.  

·         ISACA’s data center uses occupancy sensors to turn off lights when the room is unoccupied.

·         ISACA buys equipment and appliances that meet the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star certified requirements.

·         ISACA’s conversion to print-on-demand eliminates waste associated with purging Bookstore inventory when publications are discontinued.

·         Marketing efforts are focused on printing fewer and smaller pages, using digital distribution where possible and carefully targeting the audience.

·         Certification applications are offered online rather than print.

·         Certification exam translation reviews, which used to require travel by multiple reviewers, are now proctored remotely.

·         The number of face-to-face meetings of volunteer bodies has been reduced over the past several years.

·         The conference/education departments have made several “green”-related changes over the past years:  Proceedings are no longer printed but instead are offered digitally, “to go” cups are no longer used for coffee service, the number of attendee rosters printed has been reduced since not everyone requests one, bottled water is no longer served, and the program guide and notebook have been consolidated.


Everything is a balance. ISACA’s first priority is providing benefits to constituents while advancing our core purpose of helping to ensure trust in, and value from, information and information systems. But ISACA is also a citizen of the world, and we are proud to do our part to make that world a little “greener.”


Susan Caldwell



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