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Enabling information, enabling success

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Steven De HaesBig Data is wonderful. Big Data is also a potential risk for many of us.

In ISACA’s recently released annual IT Risk/Reward Barometer survey, just 4 percent of IT professionals said their enterprises are very prepared to ensure effective governance and privacy of Big Data. That’s a jarring figure, especially considering the increasing use of big data in the market.

We employ Big Data because of the benefits it offers our enterprises. Information is currency, as we are all aware, and enterprises must not only protect and manage it, but also use it to drive business value. With this in mind, I encourage you to consider a new tool to help boost the management and protection of your information.

COBIT 5:  Enabling Information, which is based on the COBIT 5 business framework, helps enterprises better govern and manage their data. The new publication provides readers three key benefits:

  1. A comprehensive information model that includes all aspects of information, including stakeholders, goals and good practices
  2. Guidance on how to use COBIT 5 to address common information governance issues, such as Big Data and privacy concerns
  3. A deep understanding of why information needs to be governed and managed, along with clear guidance on how to accomplish that

Key aspects of Big Data—including fraud detection, IT predictive analytics, and marketing situational awareness—are targeted in this new publication. Likewise, since companies in all industries and all geographies are struggling with massive volumes of data and complex compliance requirements, COBIT 5:  Enabling Information provides guidance on ensuring your enterprise’s governance structures and processes are in place, better equipping you to handle these challenges.

I am honored to have served as chair of the team that developed COBIT 5:  Enabling Information. Producing this publication was a great learning process for all of us involved and we are very happy with the end result.

At many enterprises, information is spread across multiple isolated silos, repeated in redundant copies scattered throughout the company. As such, it is often underutilized. Our goal with COBIT 5:  Enabling Information is to help companies simplify information governance so that they are not just able to handle information pouring in from various channels, but to thrive from it.

Professor Dr. Steven De Haes
Information Systems Management-University of Antwerp / Antwerp Management School, Belguim
IT Alignment and Governance Research Institute

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