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ITGI Japan benefits from the human factor

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Masatoshi KajimotoRecent announcements herald the development of personal-use robots that are able to learn emotions and do complex tasks, and some are saying that they will ease workloads and increase productivity. While this may be accurate, I know that in reality we all have a lot of work to do that still requires a human brain. Right now, for me, some of this work involves the projects undertaken by ITGI Japan.

Part of our ongoing planning is to ensure that ITGI Japan’s activities integrate with the overall strategic direction coming out of International Headquarters. To facilitate this, I recently met with Ron Hale, ISACA’s acting CEO, to provide an update and share experiences and ideas. In Japan we also have experienced a growing focus on enterprise governance of information technology, due, in part, from the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law enacted by the government of Japan in 2006. Frequently referred to as J-SOX, the law helps build and maintain public confidence in financial markets and enhance transparency of financial statements by requiring increased disclosures and controls, among other provisions. ITGI Japan has become known for working hard to stay ahead of business issues and regulations and for adding value to the many leading companies that support its efforts, as well as the for the business community overall.

Translating ISACA intellectual property and guidance into the Japanese language is among ITGI Japan’s top priorities. Over the years we have translated many ISACA publications that provide important leadership and guidance for business and IT leaders. Currently we are focusing on publications related to COBIT 5 and are seeing good demand for these items.

We also have a long tradition of offering well-attended conferences focused on key business issues. The event scheduled for November 2014 will feature Ron Hale and Urs Fischer as key speakers. Looking forward, we will continue to enhance our relationships with enterprises in Japan and build on collaborations with other key associations, businesses and academic institutions. Human networks always inspire our creativity. And with this creativity, we can produce values from our business. This will be not possible for robots, I believe.

While in the future I may be sending notes of appreciation to robotic colleagues, as of now I would like to thank the many ISACA members who have volunteered their time for ITGI Japan as well as the many highly esteemed companies that have provided financial support along the way. Together you make all of our work possible.

Masatoshi Kajimoto, CISA, CRISC
Director, ITGI Japan


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