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Understand Ransomware Methodologies

Sandeep Godbole, CISA, CISM, CGEIT, CISSP, CEH, Past President of ISACA Pune Chapter
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Sandeep GodboleCyber security is now on the agenda in board rooms. The threats and risks in the cyberspace are significant enough to warrant the attention at the highest levels.

In 2017, those conversations often have focused on ransomware. This year, the global community has experienced a large number of incidents related to ransomware. Organizations are anxious to ensure that the necessary approach and countermeasures against ransomware are understood and implemented. Security professionals therefore need to update their knowledge on the subject.

My session later this month at Asia Pacific CACS 2017 – titled “WannaCry? No, Wanna Get Wiser” – discusses the theme of ransomware. The session will introduce the ransomware attack chain or methodology that depicts the steps that ransomwares deploy for infecting targets. Gaining an understanding of the methodology adopted by malware is an essential step toward defeating the nefarious designs of malware.

The session will identify the different stages of ransomware infection. This knowledge is useful in designing the countermeasures to be deployed at different stages of a ransomware attack to counter it. The session also will provide recommendations to build resilient operations and capable organizations to counter ransomware.

The WannaCry attack from earlier this year will provide the perfect backdrop for the discussion.

Author’s note: I am happy to share that my book – Pilgrims In The Digital World – will soon be published and available to book-lovers. The book discusses various facets of technology and the digital world – the opportunities and innovations, the issues, the threats and the response that can make the digital world a safer place. The book, written for both the general reader who does not possess much technical background and also for technology experts, takes a non-technical approach to discussing the larger issues related to technology and the digital world.


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Hi Sandeep,
Your expertise and knowledge is appreciated.  Looking forward to the book. 
Wayne686 at 11/13/2017 9:08 AM
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