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Remembrances Pour in for Tim Mason

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The loss of Tim Mason, ISACA Chief Experience Officer and SVP, Operations, who unexpectedly passed away this week at age 59, has prompted an outpouring of love, respect and admiration for Tim from staff colleagues and throughout the professional community.

Here is a sampling of some of the comments we have received about Tim and his ISACA legacy:

From Robb Micek, ISACA Senior Vice President, Shared Services and CFO:
“One thing Tim and I used to tease each other about was the ‘traditional’ love/hate relationship between organizational leaders of Marketing and Finance. Tim would tell me stories of the many challenges he would have with CFOs prior to joining ISACA regarding funding for his marketing programs. Those stories would often start with him saying to me, “You know, bud ...,” and then he would retell the story. While there were several times where we did not have the financial resources for all the things the ISACA Marketing and Communications team wanted to do, Tim and I developed a strong partnership in part because he knew I understood the value of investment in those functions and would try to work together to figure out creative ways to “get to yes” when we could. … I feel incredibly lucky to have had Tim as one of my closest friends. I still cannot believe I am not going to have the opportunity to talk to him, share advice and ideas, and trade anecdotes about the most important things in our lives – our families.”

Tim Mason

From Jo Stewart-Rattray, CISA, CISM, CGEIT, CRISC, FACS CP, past board director of ISACA, chair of ISACA’s Women’s Leadership Council and director of information security and IT assurance at BRM Holdich:
“When my husband, James, was recovering from cancer and it was clear that he wasn’t well, Tim showed him such thoughtfulness, including staying with James one night when he wasn’t up for making it out to the restaurant. That sort of kindness is never forgotten. Tim also had a terrific sense of humor, and teased that he could sense I was about to make a big statement in the boardroom whenever I clicked my pen. Tim will be sorely missed.”

From Ken Kujundjic, ISACA Senior Vice President, EBD and Managing Director, Mainland China:
“Like many of us, I am having a hard time processing this news. Tim was a respected figure not only at ISACA but in the association industry. During my time at ISACA, Tim and I worked closely on many initiatives and we traveled together on many business trips. I could share any one of his many accomplishments during his time at ISACA, but I would rather like to remember his dry sense of humor. Tim could find humor in just about anything and had the ability to see the bright side of things. I will miss Tim as a valued colleague but more importantly as a friend.”

From Kristen Kessinger, ISACA Senior Manager, Media Relations:
“I had the opportunity to report directly to Tim for several months, and got to know him much better as a person during that time. I once told him that he made me nervous at first, but once I saw him melt into a puddle at the mention of his granddaughter, he no longer had the ability to be intimidating! He was so encouraging of my career and professional advancement, and he was determined to make me a more confident person. I saved a bunch of emails he sent to me while serving as my mentor, and I am so glad to have those memories of his good advice and kind words. In my most recent interaction with Tim, he called me over to look at a new video of (his granddaughter) Makenna driving his tractor. He was so excited, and his whole face was lit up. She is going to have a very proud guardian angel for the rest of her life.”

From Marie Gilbert, ISACA Director, Consumer Insights and Market Planning:
“Tim loved brand research and he loved cool research techniques. He latched on to the term ‘Euclidean distances’ when we started the market monitor brand mapping. I can hear him saying it and see him smiling. I will miss him terribly.”

From Alexander Josephite, CIA, CISA, CFSA, ISACA New York Metropolitan Chapter Past President:
“I’m very sad to learn of Tim’s passing. I’m fortunate to have met and worked with Tim when he joined ISACA. His energy was magnetic and his attitude positive and realistic. My prayers go out to Tim’s family and the ISACA community.”

Editor’s note: To find out more about ISACA’s Purpose and Promise that Tim set in motion, view this video.


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