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Update on using COBIT 5 for strategy implementation

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A couple of months ago I mentioned ISACA would be using COBIT 5 to formalize and guide its implementation of Strategy 2022 (S22). Since then we have made considerable progress and are finding the process to be enlightening at every stage.

There is no question that adhering to COBIT’s principles and applying careful thought to the enablers and life cycle phases have caused us to think about new things, in new ways. And, with every new realization comes improvement.

I also mentioned we would be issuing a case study once we are well into the “business as usual” portion of implementation. The case study will go into considerably more detail about what we have done and how we have done it, but in this brief space we can share how we identified the teams necessary to carry out the S22 portfolio of projects.

We quickly recognized that teams were needed to ensure that the right things are done in the right way and at the right time. In fact, some teams had already arisen on an ad hoc basis and there was a clear need to formalize their purpose and assign clear roles and responsibilities.

We defined the necessary teams as follows:

  • Initiative management team—A unique team assigned to each initiative for ensuring that activities necessary to accomplish the initiative’s goal are undertaken (plan-build-run-monitor). The initiative management team consists of:
    • Team leaders—Senior and executive staff responsible for:
      • Managing assigned initiatives
      • Identifying market demand for proposed ISACA constituent products or services or ISACA fit and implementation
      • Determining and proposing appropriate business and enabler goals for governance team approval
      • Establishing and coordinating execution of plans to achieve the approved goals
      • Working with volunteer bodies, staff liaisons and support staff to advance the initiatives as and when appropriate

Additional team members—Staff assigned to the team based on their specific skills, expertise, experience or knowledge of ISACA or the professional area of knowledge being addressed by the initiative. They add strength to the team in progressing the initiative effectively, but do not remove the need for the team to collaborate with any and all management necessary to ensure progress on the initiative.

  • S22 management team—A team of four individuals responsible for providing to the initiative teams advice, guidance and facilitation on using COBIT 5 and PMO-supported portfolio, program and project management techniques. The S22 management team:
    • Is proactive in assuring that initiative teams are moving forward readily and focusing on the high-priority initiatives
    • Reports on progress to the governance team, raising concerns on progress or use of PMO techniques for resolution when necessary
    • Is the driver of and responsible for monitoring progress of the overall program of work
    • Governance team—Executive staff responsible for the governance (evaluate-direct-monitor) of the S22 portfolio of initiatives
    • Volunteer guidance—We are fortunate to have two sources of volunteer input. The Strategic Advisory Council is the volunteer group overseeing strategy implementation, and past international president Patrick Stachtchenko is our COBIT 5 subject matter expert.

We continue to find it exciting to apply our own framework to our own environment and we feel certain it will make our strategy implementation project more successful. Watch for further updates as we progress.

Susan Caldwell

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