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Meet Your Board Members: Ramsés Gallego

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Ramsés GallegoToday’s ISACA Now post profiles ISACA International Vice President Ramsés Gallego, CISM, CGEIT, CISSP, SCPM, Six Sigma Black Belt, who in 2012 was named security strategist and evangelist for Quest Software, a Dell company.

Ramsés has served on ISACA’s Guidance and Practices Committee, and the CISM and CGEIT Certification Committees. He is an author of ISACA white papers on geolocation, virtualization and sustainability, and is research director for the ISACA Barcelona (Spain) Chapter. He also served on the planning committee of the inaugural ISACA INSIGHTS conference and chaired the planning committee for ISACA’s Information Security and Risk Management Conference in Europe.

“I am honored to be ISACA’s international vice president, after having served the association through many roles,” says Ramsés, who will moderate a session at INSIGHTS 2013 in Berlin, Germany in June. “It is a privilege to represent a growing number of professionals around the world and have the opportunity of taking ISACA to the next level.”

ISACA: Describe your role at Quest Software.
Ramsés: In my professional role at Quest Software, now part of Dell, I enjoy envisioning the next iteration of the markets we decide to serve and helping customers and partners develop the right approach in the security, governance and risk management arenas, using the right technology.

ISACA: What is your philosophy regarding the IT industry?
Ramsés: We live in a world that changes quickly—sometimes too quickly, at the speed of light. There are threats that expose our organizations to risk that we must understand and mitigate through the right mindset. That means having policies, procedures and processes, and using the skills and abilities of people—our teams—to embrace a robust and solid approach to risk management.

Speaking specifically, as we are spreading the word on the business-oriented, process-driven, results-focused COBIT 5 framework, we must separate governance from management and provide (tangible) value to the enterprise. Business is king and service is queen—we shouldn't forget that perspective. Thus, the security, risk management and governance disciplines will help us understand further what we need to do to protect the brand, people and information.

ISACA: Why are you an ISACA member?
Ramsés: Because of the value provided. Because of the unique opportunity of meeting professionals from around the world. Because of the excellent opportunity that belonging to a group provides and the useful deliverables that the association offers every month. Whether it’s the discipline of geolocation, securing mobile devices, social media, cloud, XBRL or VoIP, ISACA has prepared assurance guides and advice to understand them and—if needed—consider them for our organizations. If you combine that with the certifications that are recognized within the marketplace and the education provided through conferences and events, that's so unique that I feel empowered as a member.

ISACA: Why do you serve on ISACA’s board?
Ramsés: I serve on the board because I care. I care about the community we live in, and I care about making life easier and more interesting for members and professionals around the world. Because I think that to lead is to teach, to provide the right advice coming from experience. I am serving on the Board of Directors because I think that providing support, guidance and vision to others is one of the most important things in life. We on ISACA’s board are tasked with the duty of creating the right environment for fellow professionals and organizations to move the world forward.

ISACA: Describe your life outside of work.
Ramsés: I have three pillars in my life that are uniquely balanced: family, work and ISACA. I see them as one energizing the other and giving me the room to protect them all. My family is the most important thing for me, but they understand that my work and my role at ISACA are important. I am lucky to have a family that understands the importance of all of my travel, meetings and conference calls.

I love technology, music and taking long walks in the cities I visit. I visited 16 different countries in 2012 and, when able, I walked through all of them to understand them better.

ISACA: What advice do you give to young professionals entering this field?
Ramsés: This is a very interesting time to be in the IT industry. Technology is so pervasive that everything exists on a computer, in a data center, in the cloud. Governance, risk management, auditing and security are areas of great impact in the way we live, work and play. And we require the talent, the energy and the passion that young people will provide. They can change the world and they will.

ISACA: What unique opportunities / challenges do you see in 2013?
Ramsés: The challenge of asking the right questions to the right people at the right time. The challenge of 'expecting the unexpected' and being ready for that moment. The challenge of helping before problems happen. The world we live in is packed with threats that exploit our vulnerabilities. Consequently, we must always be asking, talking and listening, then crafting the right vision and strategy to protect at the individual, corporate and government levels.

This is the time to set the charter and execute accordingly. This is the moment of NOW.

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