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Meet Your Board Members: Juan Luis Carselle

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Juan Luis CarselleToday’s ISACA Now post profiles ISACA International Vice President Juan Luis Carselle, CISA, CGEIT, CRISC, assistant director of IT at Walmart de Mexico y Centro America. He has more than 20 years of IT experience throughout Latin America in multiple areas, including systems development, project management, quality assurance, IT auditing and systems security. He is a member of ISACA’s Credentialing Board, and has served as chair of ISACA’s CISA Certification Committee and member of the CRISC Certification Committee, CISA Quality Assessment Team and CISA Spanish Translation Team.

ISACA: Describe your history with ISACA.
Juan Luis: I started as part of a CISA meeting in 2000. I was invited because I had recently passed my CISA exam and I represented Latin America as a region; then I started performing the Spanish translation review of the CISA exam, an activity that I still perform now. In 2002, I joined the CISA Certification Committee; I spent three years as a member and two more as chair. I joined the CRISC Certification Committee in 2010, the Credentialing Board in 2011 and most recentlythe ISACA Board of Directors as international vice president in 2012, a position that I still hold.

ISACA: Why are you an ISACA member?
Juan Luis: I first joined ISACA as part of my activities as an IT auditor and also because of the COBIT body of knowledge. Over the years my interest has grown to other areas such as risk management, governance and information security; the value I get from the content and the networking has justified and far exceeded the investment.

ISACA: Why have you volunteered with ISACA committees throughout the years?
Juan Luis: For two main reasons: first, to give back to the association and the profession part of what I have received as a member and as a certification holder, and second, because it´s an extraordinary opportunity to learn from the networking with experts from around the world.

ISACA: What are your current responsibilities with Wal Mart?
Juan Luis: I am currently in charge of IT strategic planning and information security for Mexico and Central America—working on the alignment between the business and IT while controlling the risk— including enterprise architecture and QA.

ISACA: Why were you interested in serving on ISACA’s Board of Directors, and what do you hope to accomplish?
Juan Luis: I was nominated by several members to join the board of directors and I decided to accept the nomination and participate in the selection process because my experience over the past 10 years as an ISACA volunteer has helped me understand the association and the environment; it is an honor to represent Latin America as a region for the association, and I believe I can provide valuable experience to the decision-making process at the board level.

ISACA: What unique opportunities exist in IT in Mexico? Unique challenges?
Juan Luis: The use of Internet in mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.) continues with double-digit growth year over year, exceeding the use of traditional computers (laptops and PCs). With this amount of new users exposed to the internet for the first time, there is an increasing risk in privacy and management of information in general; this is true not only for Mexico but for Latin America as a region, and this situation brings new challenges in the use of social networks, management of confidential information and information security.

ISACA: Describe your life outside of work.
Juan Luis: My family is my passion and number one priority; my hobby is my salt-water reef aquarium.

ISACA: What most excites you about what’s happening in the world of IT?
Juan Luis: The mega trends, such as social media, mobile, cloud and big data are already transforming the world and the way people interact with information; I am excited to see the changes today and looking forward to the new changes ahead, but I am also concerned with the challenges that these changes bring to people and their way they manage their privacy.

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Unsuccessful in my attempts to volunteer with ISACA

Dear Juan Luis

I have tried numerous times and ways to volunteer with ISACA, either through my local Toronto Chapter or through itself.  I have simply been acknowledged and then ignored. Several times. I am the VP of Volunteers for the largest Project Management Chapter in Canada and second largest in North America. I have been asked by this other Chapter to run for the Board of Directors this election and my nomination has been accepted. I think I am very qualified to be part off the ISACA organization,  particularly after having paid all my dues, having two certs with ISACA (CISM and CRISC) and having submitted a great topic as a speaker for the European Congress - which, surprise-surprise,  was rejected. Short of sitting on my head , I have done everything to be included. ...I participated and gave my feedback on two occasions to ISACA and I was recognized as SME through an official letter.

Very simply, what do I need to do to be accepted in any of the teams I expressed an interest being part of.

Please feel free to browse my profile in LinkedIn . Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.

Amalia277 at 4/12/2013 11:59 AM

Re: Unsuccessful in my attempts to volunteer with ISACA

Hi Amalia,
ISACA receives a large number of volunteer applications from many of our 100,000 members. Our applicants are extremely talented and we regret that we can't accept more of them. However, there are additional volunteer opportunities that we welcome you to pursue; many ISACA volunteers got their start by participating in the activities listed on this page:
For example, many of our current certification-related volunteers began as exam item writers. Another opportunity is writing for this blog. If you would like to contribute a post based on the presentation idea you submitted, please contact to suggest your idea, and we'll provide you with the details you need.
Thank you very much for your interest in helping ISACA. We really appreciate the involvement and enthusiasm of members such as yourself. If you have additional questions, you are welcome to contact our Chief Volunteer Management Officer at
ISACA News at 4/19/2013 8:37 AM
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