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Benefiting from Chaos in the Cloud

Rick Delgado, Business Technology Consultant
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One of the biggest technology advancements in recent years is the expansion of the cloud, allowing users to have more space on their computers or mobile devices, with access to their documents, videos and pictures that are all conveniently stored in one place.

Similar to the commercial security system, the cloud can be used to ensure the safety of documents and other private information. Companies that use the cloud as storage and also as security take advantage of the unprecedented scalability, the quick deployment and the savings that come with it. There also are risks behind using the cloud that include a bigger chance of unauthorized access to private information, legal risks and a lack of control.

With so many people making the switch to the cloud, there are new opportunities for people both in business and in private employment. The cloud can cause confusion regarding who is actually in control. A business owner has control over what happens and how that business is run, but when it comes down to it, the vendor is the one with all the cards. For example, the vendor can change the pricing at any moment, and with clients depending on the services provided, companies are forced to pay whatever price to ensure those services will continue.

Vendors are having difficulty adapting to the changes caused by the outbreak. As they scramble to keep up, vendors can often lose control of the situation. In a survey by ScienceLogic, it was discovered that less than one-third of IT professionals actually have the control they need in order to keep their business efficiently moving forward.

Cloud use is improving faster than the organizations that control it due to security exposures and unnecessary financial costs. As concerning as that may be, the cloud also leads to new business techniques and opportunities that enable innovation. Businesses worried about the future want to know the best ways to help the company succeed. Sometimes this leads to moments of uncertainty and confusion. These moments can benefit a company by helping it and its employees succeed in different situations and environments.

Believe it or not, a degree of chaos can be effective. Companies that risk confusion and a lack of control often jump ahead in their industry. Businesses such as Gartner, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Azure have used the cloud as a service to their customers. Each business estimated and received an increase in revenue just by switching to the cloud.

In the business world, it is important to be updated when it comes to technology but even more important to be aware of management tactics. In this case, the cloud is both an advancement of technology and a useful management tactic. In order for a company to truly succeed, it needs to have a culture that thrives on new ideas and new technology. Organizations that stick to old, outdated ways often become overwhelmed when trying to gain control in the fast-adapting technological environment.

Technology clears the path for employees and companies to become part of an innovative business landscape. There are always risks when it comes to new technology, but taking the chance to learn the new developments can help a business take the lead in their field. The cloud provides a company with the chance to use the extra space as an opportunity to not only help the business succeed but also to help its employees discover new learning and business techniques.


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