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Five Questions With Author and Africa CACS Keynoter Siphiwe Moyo

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Siphiwe MoyoEditor’s note: Siphiwe Moyo, author and motivational speaker, will deliver the closing keynote address at Africa CACS 2017, which will take place 11-12 September in Accra, Ghana. Moyo, an expert on developing human capital and strategically managing change, recently visited with ISACA Now about what he terms an ‘entitlement culture’ and how the financial markets produce important life lessons. The following is an edited transcript:

ISACA Now: What is the biggest key to an organization developing a healthy culture that leads to strong morale among its workforce?
Having the correct job and organizational fit, including placing people in jobs that are in line with their strengths.

ISACA Now: How do you define an ‘entitlement culture?,’ and why is it problematic?
It’s a culture where people feel that someone else owes them something. It’s problematic because without taking responsibility for their own lives and progress, people cannot perform fully.

ISACA Now: One of your books is Bulls & Bears: Life Lessons from The Financial Markets. In what ways do the markets produce important life lessons?
If you study the markets long enough, you see how they really teach us about life. Markets go up and down but if you have your fundamentals correctly, over the long term you will succeed. Success is about doing those small things every day that lead to big results eventually.

ISACA Now: What are some unique opportunities for enterprises in Africa?
Infrastructure – railroads, and regional integration in terms of roads, energy and water.

ISACA Now: Today’s business technology professionals are dealing with a rapidly evolving technology landscape. What is some advice you will give Africa CACS attendees about how to ensure their organizations are embracing these changes constructively?
It’s about mindsets. Although we know in our heads that we need to embrace change, we know that if the external environment changes faster than our organizations, the end is near, as Jack Welch says. People often feel change fatigue, and I will be helping the delegates with how to overcome that.


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