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Five Questions with Technologist, Astrophysicist and CSX Europe Keynoter Ade McCormack

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Ade McCormackEditor’s note: Ade McCormack is keenly interested in the anthropological factors that drive digital innovation. McCormack, who will deliver the opening keynote at CSX Europe 2017, to take place 30 October-1 November in London, UK, visited with ISACA Now about the main drivers that have set digital innovation in motion, why some CEOs are hesitant to invest in digital transformation and more. The following is a transcript, edited for length and clarity:

ISACA Now: How is our attention being ‘hijacked’ these days, and what can we do about it?
There is money in capturing people’s attention, so it has become a professional pursuit. The brain conceptually is a muscle, so we need to exercise it to improve our ability to maintain our attention.

ISACA Now: You’ve written about trading privacy for convenience. Are you surprised at how often people make that choice?
The Facebook generation does not place the same emphasis on privacy as older generations. The older generation has perhaps been remiss in not spelling out the associated risks, but then there was no Digital Age parenting playbook at the time. In any case, we all make this trade-off. The question is how informed is one’s decision-making in this respect.

ISACA Now: From a management perspective, what are some key aspects of digital transformation that often are overlooked?
The problem with digital transformation is that it is an investment in the organization’s future – a future where it will likely be a future CEO who takes the credit. Very few CEOs are this selfless. They are not true stewards of the organization, hence the lack of transformational activity today.

ISACA Now: What have been your main takeaways from how the business community has been preparing for next year’s GDPR deadline?
Given its mandatory nature, only foolish organizations would not categorize this as a strategic priority.

ISACA Now: What are some of the anthropological factors that have set the digital age in motion?
There are a number of these, including our need to be mobile, social and creative. I look forward to exploring in more detail during my keynote.



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