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Five Questions With Scientist, Cybercrime Expert and CSX Europe Keynoter Raj Samani

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Raj SamaniEditor’s note: Raj Samani, Chief Scientist at McAfee and one of the world’s foremost authorities on cybercrime, will deliver a keynote address at CSX Europe 2017, to take place 30 October-1 November in London, UK. Samani visited with ISACA Now to offer his perspective on how cyber security professionals can keep pace with the challenging threat landscape. The following is an edited transcript:

ISACA Now: What are some lessons that cyber practitioners need to take away from some of the major breaches that we’ve seen this year?
Practitioners should focus on the business impact. We often are seen as a technology function, but the reality is that a significant breach has a real detrimental impact on the business. Therefore, making sure we can articulate our work to a non-technical audience is critical.

ISACA Now: How can cyber security pros best keep up with such a fast-evolving threat landscape?
Information is power! Look at your information feeds – from where do you get intelligence and, more importantly, how do you get context behind the firehouse of data thrown at all of us every single day?

ISACA Now: What advice do you have for organizations on how to prepare for ransomware?
I recommend visiting – everything you need is there for being proactive, but also what to do in the event you have been infected.

ISACA Now:  What must boards of directors and senior management do that they often are not doing when it comes to providing oversight of cyber security?
Take accountability. Remember that IT risk is now business risk.

ISACA Now: You note the need for greater information-sharing among governments – do you believe that nations will be able to overcome various political tensions and expand their cooperation for the greater good?
I wish they would. Our society demands it.


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