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ISACA Awards: Recognizing Contributions Positively Impacting ISACA

Melissa Swartz, CAE, Volunteer Engagement Manager, ISACA
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Melissa SwartzAs ISACA’s volunteer engagement manager, I realize how fortunate I am to have found myself working for an organization bringing together some of the most passionate, dedicated and talented people I’ve ever encountered. Case in point: as I write this blog post from a hotel room, in between attending the Asia Pacific CACS conference and Asia Pacific Chapter Leader event in Dubai, and the GDPR Working Group meeting in Greece, I am awestruck at the thought leadership, volunteer leadership and industry leadership surrounding me at every turn, in every city, on every business trip I take.

It inspires and energizes me to hear the chatter of an excited audience lingering after a thought-provoking keynote or to see chapter leaders mentoring students. What inspires you? Have you seen an insightful presentation at an ISACA event or read a thoughtful article in an ISACA publication? Have you encountered a chapter leader, volunteer colleague or professional mentor who exemplifies strong leadership skills? It’s important to celebrate these outstanding individuals and their achievements that are positively impacting our future.

To that end, I’m excited to share with you that over the last year, the ISACA Awards Working Group has revamped the ISACA Awards Program, enhancing the prestige of the program with a formal nomination and peer-review evaluation process that engages our global community and lays the foundation for more public recognition of our impressive award recipients. The 10 volunteers in the 2017 working group term reviewed the entire portfolio of ISACA Awards and restructured the three categories: 1) ISACA Global Achievement Awards – our top global honors presented for outstanding contributions to knowledge and leadership; 2) ISACA Chapter Awards – recognizing the positive impact our chapters, their programs, and their volunteer leaders have on advancing our members and the professions they serve; and 3) ISACA Certification Exam Top Scores.

The 2017 ISACA Global Achievement Award recipients were honored during the ISACA Annual General Meeting

We need you to nominate the people and programs that inspire you. Nominations are due 31 January. Global Achievement Awards will be presented at EuroCACS in May 2018, and the Chapter Awards will be presented at the Global Leadership Summit in October 2018.

In this year of transition as the new ISACA Awards Program launches, the nomination cycle for the 2019 award presentations will be open approximately June-August 2018, establishing a consistent annual timeline for submitting nominations in the future.

To recognize the widespread reach of ISACA, nominators must be ISACA members to submit a nomination package, but the candidates they recommend do not need to be ISACA members. ISACA seeks to recognize the most impactful contributions fulfilling our purpose and promise across our global professional community.

ISACA leadership is excited to recognize the talent and contributions of members of our professional community, and we need your help by nominating outstanding individuals for the awards below. To learn more about the ISACA Awards Program, including eligibility requirements, and to download a nomination form, please visit

Please do not hesitate to email me at with any questions about the ISACA Awards Program.

ISACA Global Achievement Awards

ISACA Michael Cangemi Best Book/Author Award
Scope: Recognizes an individual or co-authors for major contributions to ISACA publications in the field of IS audit, control, risk, governance and/or security.

ISACA Eugene M. Frank Award for Meritorious Performance
Scope: Recognizes an individual whose longstanding service in multiple roles including key volunteer leadership positions has contributed to ISACA’s global success.

ISACA John Kuyers Award for Best Speaker
Scope: Recognizes an individual for outstanding speaking achievements at an ISACA sponsored event.

ISACA John W. Lainhart IV Common Body of Knowledge Award
Scope: Recognizes an individual for major contributions to the development and enhancement of the common body of knowledge used by constituents of the Association.

ISACA Harold Weiss Award for Outstanding Achievement 
Scope: Recognizes an individual for sustained contributions to the advancement of the governance of enterprise IT.

ISACA Paul Williams Award for Inspirational Leadership
Scope: Recognizes an ISACA volunteer for inspirational leadership and exemplifying dedication to the organization and its members through a specific program or initiative.

Chair’s Award
Scope: Recognizes an individual who has made an exceptional impact on ISACA or the business technology profession. This award is presented at the discretion of the ISACA Chair.

ISACA Chapter Awards

K. Wayne Snipes Best Chapter Award
Scope: Recognizes chapters that exceed service goals by actively supporting local membership, and thus ISACA.

Innovative Chapter Program Award
Scope: Recognizes an outstanding program implemented within an ISACA chapter that demonstrates an innovative approach to member engagement, continuing education, or community outreach.

Outstanding Chapter Leader Award
Scope: Recognizes a Chapter Leader for his/her effective and inspiring leadership within the chapter resulting in increased member engagement and a positive impact on ISACA’s professional community.


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