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30,000th CISM Certification Goes to van der Voort of The Netherlands

Posted: 2/4/2016 3:06:00 PM | Category: Certification | Permalink | Email this post

ISACA recently awarded the 30,000th CISM certification to Martin van der Voort, CISM, CISSP, CEH, of Leusden, The Netherlands, a security officer with NEH ICT Solutions BV. Since its introduction in 2002, the CISM credential has become recognized and adopted worldwide as a symbol of excellence for information security professionals. ISACA and Martin recently discussed his personal achievement of earning CISM certification and CISM’s 30,000th milestone.

ISACA Now: How does it feel to be the 30,000th person to earn a CISM certification?
Martin: It is an honor to be a member of an elite group of professionals with an international certification in information security management.


Cybercrime: Is the Sky Really Falling?

Daniel Libby
Director and Chief Examiner, Digital Forensics Inc.
Posted: 2/3/2016 3:03:00 PM | Category: Security | Permalink | Email this post

Cybercrime is so rampant today that even as the director and chief examiner for Digital Forensics Inc., I am not immune. In fact, last year’s data breach of the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) made me a poster child for cybercrime. That hack exposed the data of more than 18 million former and current government employees, including me, a former National Security Agency cryptologist. To make matters worse, the OPM data is now rumored to be in the hands of ISIS.

The OPM hack is just one example, and many more appear daily—a seemingly unstoppable cavalcade of cyber horror that could easily make a cybersecurity professional scream, “THE SKY IS FALLING!” Unfortunately, for many organizations, the sky IS falling. Think Target, TJ Maxx, Ashley Madison, TalkTalk, Sony Pictures and VTech. I could go on.


5 Ways to Hack Your Leadership Communication

Simon T. Bailey
Author, speaker and Brilliance Enabler
Bailey will be speaking at ISACA’s 2016 North America CACS conference 2-4 May 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Posted: 1/27/2016 3:06:00 PM | Category: ISACA | Permalink | Email this post

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.” James Humes

Good interpersonal skills are the hallmark of all great leaders. There is no leadership without effective communication. And those who possess the art of delivering thoughts and ideas in meaningful and befitting ways are those who are most successful.

No academic discourse or any business degree can teach you how to become a skillful communicator. It is self-taught and learned by exposing oneself to situations where interpersonal skills are tested the most. Regardless of which leadership style CEOs and managers adopt or have, delivering the right communication is a different matter altogether.


Data Privacy Day: EU’s GDPR Puts a Fine Point on Privacy

Nancy A. Cohen, CPA, CIPP/US
Director of Privacy and Assurance Practices
Posted: 1/26/2016 3:03:00 PM | Category: Privacy | Permalink | Email this post

With the pending European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to have major implications on not only European organizations, but all companies operating globally, the ISACA-supported global Data Privacy Day (DPD) on 28 January is as relevant as ever.

The GDPR would impose severe penalties on companies that fail to comply with strict data protection requirements. It is designed to strengthen and unify data protection for EU residents, and addresses the export of personal data outside the EU. The European Commission's goals for the GDPR were to give citizens control of their personal data and simplify the regulatory environment for international business.


Flipping the Economics of Attacks

Dr. Larry Ponemon
Chairman & Founder, Ponemon Institute
Posted: 1/25/2016 3:08:00 PM | Category: Security | Permalink | Email this post

How can an organization make it difficult enough for an attacker that they dissuade or prevent an attack? Time-wise? Cost-wise? Potential profit-wise?

In Flipping the Economics of Attacks, sponsored by Palo Alto and conducted by Ponemon Institute, threat experts in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany were surveyed about what motivates attackers. The research revealed that most attackers are in it for the money.

To fight back against adversaries enterprises need to harden their organizations so it takes attackers longer to achieve their mission. Most malicious attackers are opportunistic when choosing a particular organization to attack and will quit the attack when the targeted organization presents a strong defense. Specifically, the majority of attacks can be stopped if more than about two days are needed for a successful attack.

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