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Key Takeaways from a Recent Cloud Training

Adam Kohnke, Senior IT Auditor - Total Administrative Services Corporation
Posted: 5/22/2018 3:03:00 PM | Category: Cloud Computing | Permalink | Email this post

Adam KohnkeI recently began taking my first crack at auditing an Amazon cloud platform that comprises over a dozen managed services. While I was excited to add this new wrinkle to my skill set, I had no idea where to get started on identifying key risks applicable to each service or how to approach the engagement. Searching online eventually led me to the AWS training and certification website. My intuition initially suggested to me that Amazon was not very likely to help me audit their services, or even if they did, there probably would not be much free information available that I could leverage to obtain sufficient understanding of the service architecture or operation. Well, I was dead wrong!


Shortage of Communication, Analytical Skills Part of Widening Cybersecurity Talent Gap

Jason Lowmiller, Lowmiller Consulting Group, LLC, MS Cybersecurity, CISM, CSXP, CSXF, CEH
Posted: 5/18/2018 3:14:00 PM | Category: Security | Permalink | Email this post

Jason LowmillerA few days ago, in between catching flights and dozing off in an airport terminal, I read an article about the recently published findings from the 2017 Global Information Security Workforce Study.

There were a few obvious conclusions that I expected to come out of this report, such as the ever-widening cybersecurity talent gap (hence the title), but there was one item in particular I found to be quite intriguing. In the third paragraph of the introduction, the GISWS asserts, “This year’s Study reveals we are on pace to reach a cybersecurity workforce gap of 1.8 million by 2022, a 20% increase over the forecast made in the 2015.”


Data Mapping: A Key Challenge in Achieving GDPR Compliance

Laszlo Dellei, MBA, CISA, CGEIT, CRISC, C|CISO, ISACA GDPR Working Group Member
Posted: 5/16/2018 8:40:00 PM | Category: Privacy | Permalink | Email this post

Laszlo DelleiGDPR compliance projects around the world are dependent on knowing what personal information data organizations are collecting or processing.

This is a difficult challenge, as evidenced by new ISACA research that shows data discovery and mapping is the top challenge/concern respondents have in preparing for GDPR compliance. With due diligence, though, this challenge can be overcome.

The first step is to map or collect all the personal data of the company. What does this mean?

Article 30 of the GDPR (records of processing activities) states that organisations must maintain a record of processing activities under [their] responsibility. That record shall contain all of the following information:


Security of Biomedical Devices Presents Unique Challenges

Clyde Hewitt
Vice President of Security Strategy, CynergisTek
Posted: 5/15/2018 3:11:00 PM | Category: Security | Permalink | Email this post

Clyde HewittCompliance and security professionals are regularly challenged with unique security situations. However, the harder the challenge, the more rewarding it is for those who successfully solve the problem—part of what makes the profession so fulfilling. The difference between success and failure depends on individual skills and experience to deconstruct a complex security environment into individual elements that can be mitigated with a standard set of security controls.

Perhaps one of the more complex security issues for security and compliance professionals is protecting biomedical devices. There are several factors that make securing biomedical devices so difficult, including their close interaction with patients, lack of individual accountability, fragmented regulatory oversight and very long operational life-cycles.


Hot Industry Topics in the Spotlight at RSA

Allan Boardman, independent business advisor and past ISACA board director 
Posted: 5/14/2018 12:56:00 PM | Category: Security | Permalink | Email this post

Allan BoardmanI was recently very fortunate to attend the biggest cybersecurity conference of its kind, the 27th annual RSA Conference (RSAC) in San Francisco, USA. The first thing that struck me when I arrived at registration was the scale of the event. Spread across three huge conference venues in the center of the city, it was clear that they were preparing for a lot of people – more than 50,000 attendees, it turns out, with a choice of more than 500 different sessions and an expo housed across the venues filled with more than 650 exhibitors from 27 different countries.

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