Advanced Persistent Threat Awareness Study Results 

Advanced Persistent Threat Awareness Study Results

Advanced Persistent Threats Are Real

Is your enterprise at risk?

Learn why of those who were surveyed:

  • 93.6% feel APTs are a serious threat
  • 63% think it is only a matter of time
  • 79% feel this is the largest gap in APT prevention
  • 1 in 5 have experienced an APT attack

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Advanced persistent threat (APT) has been a term used frequently during security threat discussion; however, confusion exists as to what an APT is and how to manage the risk associated with it. Although the study reveals that a large number of respondents feel that APTs are important and have the ability to impact national security and economic stability, the study also demonstrates that the controls being used to defend against APT might not be sufficient to adequately protect enterprise networks.