COBIT Process Assessment Model (PAM): Using COBIT 4.1 


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The process assessment model (PAM) aligns with COBIT 4.1 and ISO/IEC

ISO/IEC 15504-2 provides a sound standard for the assessment of the capability of a process to achieve its required outcome. The current COBIT process maturity addresses process maturity based on generic attributes, both approaches use 5 levels of assessment but the new COBIT assessment process is different because it provides a more robust, dependable assessment approach to deliver more consistent results and performed by certified assessors.

The COBIT Process Assessment Model (PAM): Using COBIT 4.1:

  • Serves as a base reference document for the performance of a capability assessment of an organization’s current IT processes against COBIT 4.1
  • Defines the minimum set of requirements for conducting an assessment to ensure that the outputs are consistent, repeatable and representative of the processes assessed
  • Defines process capability in two dimensions; process and capability; Utilizes process content material defined in COBIT 4.1; Utilizes capability assessment levels and process attributes defined in ISO/IEC 15504-2
  • Uses process capability and process performance indicators to determine whether process attributes have been achieved
  • Measures process performance through a set of base practices and required activities to fulfill process outcomes as well as input and output work products associated with each process
  • Measures process capability by the achievement of the attribute (scale) through the evidence of specific (Level 1) and generic (higher levels) practices and work products
  • Recognizes that a process assessment can be a strong and effective driver for process improvement

A training and certification program for assessors is in development.

Note:  In the ISO/IEC 15504 world, a significant detailed process assessment takes place at level 1, where the “specific”’ COBIT process activity assessment is done. ISO/IEC 15504 prescribes generic outcomes, base practices and work products to be assessed at the higher capability levels.

This document is a part of the COBIT Assessment Programme.