COBIT Security Baseline: An Information Security Survival Kit, 2nd Edition 


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This guide, based on COBIT 4.1, consists of a comprehensive set of resources that contains the information organizations need to adopt an IT governance and control framework. COBIT covers security in addition to all the other risks that can occur with the use of IT. COBIT Security Baseline focuses on the specific risk of IT security in a way that is simple to follow and implement for the home user or the user in small to medium enterprises, as well as executives and board members of larger organizations. It provides the following elements:

  • Useful background reading:
    • An introduction to information security—what it means and what it covers
    • An explanation of why security is important and examples of the most common things that can go wrong
    • Thought-provoking questions to help determine risks
  • The COBIT-based security baseline, providing key controls
  • In addition to the mapping against COBIT 4.1, a mapping against the updated ISO/IEC 17799:2005 information security standard
  • Information security survival kits, providing essential awareness messages for:
    • Home users
    • Professional users
    • Managers
    • Executives
    • Senior executives
    • Boards of directors/trustees
  • An appendix containing a summary of technical security risks