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While cloud computing has actually been in use by enterprises for decades, the popularity of these services has skyrocketed in recent years. Enterprises are attracted to the lower costs and centralized control offered by cloud service providers. However, with new operational processes comes new security needs and requirements; one such emerging solution is cloud access security brokers (CASB), which manage and track the complex connections between an enterprise’s technology infrastructure and its cloud service provider.

This FREE ISACA Tech Brief: Cloud Access Security Brokers provides a basic understanding of how cloud access security brokers are used by enterprises to track authorized/unauthorized use of cloud applications, reveal potential regulatory noncompliance, and ensure secure storage of data. CASBs are important security tools, and their effect is maximized when combined with other security controls and technologies.

Learn about how CASBs are used in business, what risks are associated with them, and which factors you should consider when purchasing a solution—download your FREE copy today.

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