Cloud Governance: Questions Boards of Directors Need to Ask 


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Cloud computing is gaining momentum. As cloud offerings gain maturity, cloud service providers are becoming more competitive. Some providers are reducing prices as they realize investments and leverage economies of scale. Others are differentiating based on quality, for example, providing better availability, improved security or enhanced ability to manage services. While the benefits of cloud computing are real in economic, strategic and operational terms, realizing those benefits is not a simple process. To achieve the benefits of cloud computing, adoption drivers must be aligned with enterprise goals and objectives, and business and cultural factors must be favorable for adoption. Like any investment, cloud projects should be guided by the board of directors to ensure value creation and minimization of risk. When evaluating cloud initiatives, board members should ask their management teams specific questions, the answers to which will determine whether cloud services will have a positive and sustainable impact on enterprise goals and whether risk remains within enterprise tolerances.

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