DevOps Audit/Assurance Program: Based on COBIT 


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DevOps is a software development process that combines the concepts of development and operations. Successful collaboration of various entities within the enterprise—such as people, culture, processes, and tools—is foundational to this process.

Objective—provide management with an evaluation of the effectiveness of software development processes, policies, procedures, governance and other controls. The review will focus on DevOps standards, guidelines and procedures as well as the implementation of these controls.

The audit/assurance review will rely upon other software development processes and management practices and will:

  • Include System Development Process Practices, Inputs/Outputs and Activities to ensure the security of the systems and that they are operating effectively and efficiently
  • Define and confirm the project scope and how it relates to the overall IT-enabled investment program
  • Build, Acquire and Implementation processes to put systems in place for business and IT Operations
  • Maintain the control environment of the IT infrastructure and ensure it is aligned with the governance structure and the long-term strategy of the enterprise
  • Assess the maturity of the processes to ensure they can meet the organizational objectives