DevOps: Process Maturity By Example 


Creating Value in Mature Software Development Enterprises

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DevOps represents a major paradigm shift in how enterprises author software. By integrating the operations side of software deployment into development itself, enterprises can create applications more efficiently, adapt more quickly to changes in user requirements and achieve greater resilience in operations so that applications perform more smoothly over time.

Some have made the claim that DevOps is incompatible with robust and mature software development practices. Our white paper, DevOps Process Maturity by Example, shows that nothing could be further from the truth. Implementing DevOps processes, culture and technology can be done in a logical and systematic manner so that DevOps becomes a tool to enhance the maturity of software development.

This white paper also addresses the cultural change that is required for the successful implementation of DevOps and the challenges of using the CMMI model or COBIT 5 within a DevOps environment. In addition, case studies are included to illustrate how DevOps provides value to enterprises, even when the development process is already robust.