Highlights From RSA Conference 2018 


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The recent RSA Conference 2018, focused on the theme “Now Matters,” attracted nearly 50,000 attendees and more than 500 exhibitors, proving its importance as a premier global information security learning event. To help professionals in cybersecurity and InfoSec stay up-to-date, we asked Past ISACA Board Director Allan Boardman to take you on a tour of the conference and provide an overview of the most important developments.

Those findings are in the ISACA white paper, Highlights from RSA Conference 2018. Learn about the key messages and important announcements, research and techniques so critical to every enterprise’s security functions today.

New product releases or partnerships were announced: NIST released a new framework 1.1, CMMI and ISACA debuted their new Cybersecurity Platform, and the Cybersecurity Tech Accord added to the list of major corporate signatories. What are the 10 tenets for CISO success and the five most dangerous attacks? In addition, presentations were offered on blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning—and much more. Download your FREE copy today..